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Table 26. Deaths in hospitals battle injuries American Expeditionary Forces 1917

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partly in slowing or cessation of the blood current and lowering of the

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and its effects upon the urea content of the blood muscles

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pendently of each other a causal connection with the volcanic erup

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of breath increased until she found that she could not He flat upon

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backwards nearly as far as tlie posterior edge of the lower articular

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meningitis. New York 4 Philadelphia 2 Baltimore 1 Bos

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elements composing the peritoneum he tells us Perhaps the most

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ponding diminution would be found in the deeper organs. Or it has been

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to begin with from the germ glands these produce by reflex

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of the arteria ionominata and perforation into the trachea were

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nection with this University ceased before I began the

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graphic and striking picture but there seems to be no regular

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difficulties frequently encountered in localities where no part of the public

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suppuration in the enlarged glands we expect a slight leucocytosis the

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this work to enter into any detailed account of the numerous varie

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and to all other participants five minutes. Many papers were

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notice as it is but little known. In Numbers xxi. 4

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examining hand. It is translucent does not disappear when

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Hnughtun has an answer which appears to be very satisfactory and

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eyes were turned. The pupils were of normal size and there

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two fluidounces of the extract five or ten grains to be repeated three

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to bring in simple lenses for inspection and possible

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through the capillaries and arterioles sometimes caused by adherent peri

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at all litigious. Lawyers cannot discriminate as to the capacity

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observed growing from the epiglottis thyroid and arytaenoid cartilages.

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inary cook sends it into the refectory chilled and clammy

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Escharotics are strong irritants which act by extracting the

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obtaining in the ocean of the time when the original ancestral form

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wise would arise owing to the absence of the head of the

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The large intestines as their name implies are of much

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except the thought that if fortune bestows on Ctesar the supreme power

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syphilitic and 70 per cent of males have had gonorrhea

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suffering from rather profuse and prolonged menstruation. The pelvis is

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about the house though quite weak yet. Discharge less altogether

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modeling etc. was largely used. Music played an important part

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circulation causing a thickening and hardening of the tissues

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however given in the interim report as an illustration of

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with the provisions of the last preceding paragraph shall

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more frequently in men than in women and la a disease of advanced

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tural features consonant with life at the sea bottom and so the deep

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relates to instruments tor.r ray work high frequency

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There is a second great class of interests which our association

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ing case of unprofessional conduct under the notice

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from the bursal that secretes the oil which lubricates the back

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copper wire. By the contact of the metals with the fluid and with

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these plain tables into graphic charts was like a flood of light thrown

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Oxford University Press Warwick Square E. C London.

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grass is bedewed and so in the evening unless it is early

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tive risks must be run and any of the above mentioned handicaps

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strong evidence that it is immediately toxic. It produces no striking irritation

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bacillus. Xo protozoa were found which could in any waj be

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It is a wise precaution to empty the bowels thoroughly

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does the cecum begin to adhere through an incomplete

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cussion in the diagnosis of early tuberculosis fall

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proved the existence in the liver of a ferment which oxydiscs

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The position of the limb ankylosis in almost complete

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crobes. In addition the author isolated a new patho

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physical vital and mental so far as appropriate to our sphere of

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mucus or blood point to intestinal derangements. Sometimes it

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the vicinage of the cardia. If situated in the greater curvature there

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the degenerated spinal elements. Around the clot the

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If we combine Dr. JuUiard s statistics with those of Dr.

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subcultures taken. The results are given in Table 5.

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The Red Cross Institute for Crippled Soldiers and Sailors.

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vations pretty well covers the Indians of the Pacific

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