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is stated to be dithio salicylate of bismuth. Recommended

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Results so eminently successful naturally suggest an inquiry into the de

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abdomen increased by slightest pressure and by any movement call

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County in the east central section was second highest for the year with

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no blood or lymph supply their nourishment probably being

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firms as Powers and Weightman and Rosengarten and Sons are readily recog

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ances in cardiac function could be found if one would but

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property of right sided deviation which grape sugar possesses. Leo Deutsche

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is partially occluded by a thin membranous blood clot. The aneurysm

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mated. was then discovered that the grain at the mill was transported to

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cially in view of the frequent succussions to which the stomach

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meningitis of acute gastric catarrh or of intussusception. Atten

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The kidneys are freed from obstruction and will shortly

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Council of the English Society for the Study and Cure

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ditions affecting nutrition and tissue activity are respon

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used many of Dr. Herricks pessaries and think them quite

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of the Society for many years were elected Honorary

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rhage occurred from the sagittal sinus. I saw him a week

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during the attempts at extraction. In children it is advisable to give a

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pain to a severe anginoid pain even radiating up into the neck and

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lium are occasionally found not only in the thyroid but

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ment is relieved in the weakest jiart of the circula

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in balancing the greater pressure inside these vessels.

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leucocytes. The girls of the bleeder family present striking differences in the

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pected of him far more sometimes than he is able to perform.

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violently on the floor and throw his limbs about In the most wild

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operated upon because the lesions were only superficial. Of the 52 cases

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deeply. He quoted Sir Alan Anderson honorary secreJ

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intolerance of other forms of nourishment and was discon

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received a letter from her detailing her sjonptoms and

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the reverse occurs. He also claims to have demonstrated by

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foetus in relation to the umbilical vesicle and that if for any reason

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type which acts in an earlier stage of intermediary nitro

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York but in all states is the establishment of complete

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frequent 3 That Astringents and Antiseptics such as bismuth

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Cytological studies of the sputum have been found to be quite typical in

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often participate but their proportions and relative importance vary

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small celled infiltration at its base and a slight ingrowth

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wearing of suchmeansof permanent identification might

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in a vain young medical student who expecting to realise a

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anemia. It is of great value when the hemoglobin is low and the

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is usually in the morning. The expectoration is in many instances very

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indurations in the left thigh and left arm which disabled him. After a

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Functionally it offers a grave prognosis. Secondary

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carried on the fact that industrial modicine has become

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small pocket of pus to the left and above Poupart s

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A and G 2. Haematogenous infection with salpingitis and peritonitis.

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with a number of questions of the greatest importance

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which brackets it with that of Galen. Paracelsus waa great in

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Descriptions of these may be found in the Veterinarian for 1S41.

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ble. I then introduced two lingers into the wound Itehind the

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thought that its frequency in women was due to the sympathetic

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My first clinical returns in 50 valvular cases also

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doctor with the names ajid addresses of those on his

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reported cases would indicate is shown by Stilling who

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of nature there may yet be drawn something as powerful in subduing

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twenty four to thirty six hours stopping quite abruptly.

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any experimental treatment. In all instances the animals were subjected to the

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ment quite independently of either the vertebrce or the ribs. The

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Harvard in 1833 and began to teach at Buffalo in 1844. Du

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nursed regularly and slept quietly the temperature re

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Hutton James On Light Heat and Fire 8vo Edin. 1794.

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must be attacked with the same patience and pertinacity that were

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ment here may seem to phj sicians quite uncalled for. In explana

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