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the other recovered. This case was published in the Eclectic
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lumbar vertebra twenty two centimetres in circumfer
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particularly manifest the same symptoms impurities could if given the necessary con
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enforced supplemented with careful nursing night and
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rzrdHi Crzmo Serafh J amp stdkmk de Tarra and other latter
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them the whole tomentose. Vittm one to each secondary ridge one to
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sion. The nervous condition known as Graves s disease and some other
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was at liberty to advertise to the exteot be had done
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quantity of the above described fluid made its escap3 greatly to the
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An intelligent woman formerly a nurse has come into the
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SYMPTOMS. In early stage those of catarrh. Slight fever cough
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from tbe Isbmds of Luzon Mindoro Panay and Min lt lanao WilliamH 2938.
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and the other being formed for fcraping the tongue and ru f
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of 160 and respiration of 50. A second injection was
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while moistened litmus paper is first reddened and then bleached.
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could have been arrested and much benefit obtained.
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of twenty and thirty. The occurrence of a case in a woman is
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the essential significance which might it seems to us
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every room and corridor and then adequate disinfection requires
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the deaths and reported cases officially charged against Balti
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and unawares by the medicine man whose intention was
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produced in nerve cells by continued functional depression and is of nuclear
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is pronouncedly anaemic also where a tubercular abscess has
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writers claim cures in 80 per cent others in 24 per cent.
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The features common to all cases are summarized as follows
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fertilibus minoribus pinnulis ovatis integrioribus spicis oblongis bre
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There are two longitudinal bands formed of numerous rods one of
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a single application of radium are different a according
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be exercised that their apartments are kept perfectly quiet and darkened.
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tensive varicosities often resulting in ulceration marked
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Scientific Research bearing his name lias intimated that
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a few hours developing in the usual way and producing necrotic
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Experience had shown that men of military age can be classified
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ii nine months after cessation of the treatment. The cas
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Stale 17.8. The deaths reported from infectious diseases
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nently a case for the electro magnet I determined to employ it. Mr.
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carefully separated the muscular fibres of the vastus
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sary. The wound of the skin is closed also with stitches and
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Creosote valerate creosote Valeria minutes. As the larger doses are
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found that while the epithelioid lining and the innermost layer of the
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of fibres passes up along the ventro lateral peri hery of the
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in its history. There are at present 61 5 i matriculates as
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of the inner side of the leg and in the popliteal space. The
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he eapillarv and then are of very small size. These in
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supplies the circulation to the foetus which is unfitted for life.
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The book is divided into ten sections as follows 1. Of the
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to time his astronomic observations. Later Galileo conceived the
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who studied the viscosity of the blood 1914 and George Neil
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degrees and with constant trituration powdered sugar thirteen ounces
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the infectious diseases. It w ould seem that they occur more fre
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A and G 2. Haematogenous infection with salpingitis and peritonitis.
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fatal epidemic of measles and scarlet fever. The se
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but consists of a series of little tubes or interannular
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form and the cardiac valves are us. rlly unaffected.
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conceptions of the disease as have been indicated pass over into one
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could have been arrested and much benefit obtained.
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of the patient was great. Inhalation was resumed but the
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your right hand put the bottle well back into the mouth and allow
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cases only a single transverse process is fractured. When
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collect the operation was performed either for gastric ulcer
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percussion note absence of hepatic and splenic dulness. Shock rapid
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the small quantity of the juice secreted and its acid character.
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manner described 82 samples 20 per cent. were found
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Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine January
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lyArcy Power. The net result of observations as given in this
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strong stalk risiDg three or four feet high the leaves are of a
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cocytes. There are many Gram positive bacteria. Lungs Are slightly edematous with a

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