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the effectiveness of the treatment. Among the 14 cases however
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time in the pens in our city furnished material and convenience
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and the interpeduncular space are affected. There may be only slight tur
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are merely pathological exaggerations of physiological functions. Then
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door viewed six malevolent manidos that were supposed
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should be limited to cases characterised by a weak rapid
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run into each other constituting a single murmur. The harsh character
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Iril Is soon succeeded by a very abundant sccietlon a coloflcss lian
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velum and into plain view. Any doubt which may exist
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Rosenstein has announced that there is no such thing as a purely
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cases of abortion and are then seldom followed by serious results.
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where all surgical care can be given them. For as M. Rochard
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Financial Statement and Balance Sheet presented by the
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and by whom and when instructed and make affidavit thereto and
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for the first meal of the day. A bottle of the 5 per
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The etiology in these cases was interesting especially in the new
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fertility varies greatly with social status being with few
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and the rationality of things are here presented in their most con
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St contract habits vrry easily when impmperly managed and
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vation furnished by a modern hospital the latter group may easily
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vulgaris when eruption is smaller and whiter than the foregoing and
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Although very distinct from any other Athyrium this species is within itself
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served before particular care should be taken that the pa
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cine for one or two days. Then begin again with three drops and
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on the subject treated of in the work. In voting on
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prepared sjjonge tents gentian root bougies sounds
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of the parts having somewhat subsided vesicles are discovered on the
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septic the rain which ran off from their Roots into the Streams
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Hoffmann of Leipzig rests on the occurrence of a bron
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vivisection has been introduced into the.Maryland T egislature.
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injuries is not known the primary injury is to the nerves con
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accept the following deductions as practically cor
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of the dorsal curve. The pidse is stinmlated it becomes fuller
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men have perseverance enough to educate themselves in
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ministering to such localities can ill afford beds except for operative
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the following by Babes In the environs of Bucharest a mad
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and simply give them Panopepton and whey thanks to your
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the. aanually increasing interest displayed by scientific epicures to
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erties of substances which played a role in chemical warfare it does not
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sidered 1 the examination of recruits 2 modification of stature
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toxins in the course of gout lead poisoning and Bright s disease may
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gall bladder but was according to Terrier in all probability con
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officer. Twice a year on January 1st and July 1st this
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is found to be eliunging in character the black undeveloped bone celU
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be of cerebral origin. One sixth of a grain of morphia sul
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of the bowel slightly prolapsed by the traction of the tumour.
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and is free from pus does not contra indicate operation upon
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Nerve Cell nroduced by the Toxlne of Experimental Rabies Part V.
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He made use of simple wholesome living. We are told by the editor
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WALTER BLAIR GREENE Fayetteville N.C. took his premedical training at

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