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stance that of securing rest for the patient is satisfactorily secured
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The kidneys are freed from obstruction and will shortly
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Symptoms. As a rule the disease is ushered in insidiously. There
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they were suffering from a cardiovascular affection
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management of difficult labor especially from pelvic
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rarer among the nomad tribes of the Arabs and Berbers
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and related organisms to the fact that their waxy envelope prevents penetra
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right heart from pulmonary obstruction is not a marked feature of the case.
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submitted next year it is not too much to hope that
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recover would apply to the woman who is having a show of
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Dr. Drysdale was questioned at great length on the pathology of
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pression of the pains total transformation of the patients with
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should he made of sulphur dioxide as in the case of
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lumbar vertebra twenty two centimetres in circumfer
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casualty clearing station. The casualty clearing station in the
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ii nine months after cessation of the treatment. The cas
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F. K. Nichols Associate in Physiology is Medical Officer o the post
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torum that which depends upon opium among opium eaters.
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entity. It may be of general interest to quote an extract
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were removed from abdomen. The right chest was aspirated with the
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tractions of the cocainized gastroc stimulation of the thermogenic center
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tion. If this is done it is possible to avoid risk of
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may be needed. Inject into the bladder the following if you have an
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common snuff enough being given several times to induce lively sneezing.

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