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Looking at the matter from the point of view of the

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In Fig. 24 B represents a battery the current flow or

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attention to the comfort and well being of the patients.

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from the clatter that the softer sex have the predomin

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emaciation has no febrile symptoms and no evidence of retinal hemorrhages

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labor in the world of disease as in the other spheres of

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application which was twice or ihrice interrupted reducing the real duration to

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connected and evanescent ideas the variable temper and spirits

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most decided symptoms of the worst form of typhus and subsultus constant

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to render skilled assistance in the detection of areas of

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Meat Two ounces two cubic inches. Pudding Five ounces.

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class of 1874 of Freeland Baltimore County Md. Health Officer

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no organic lesions are found in the tissues of the bladder the affections

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regards ex service men he recalled the answer he gave on

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micidf in combiuation wilh castor oil. Naphtaliu ia

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Stern Archives of Diagnosis January 1914 calls atten

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angles two or three of these cells are often abortive. The seeds are

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medial part of his posterior zone spread all over the

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The third source namely the hydrolysis of the ester will be shown

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and there rather abruptlj terminating. Cephalad of this point

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the other 4 cases occurred among our records and have been reported by

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during the night and llie habit lieing especially practised when in

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suggested that one feature in medical aid institutions had

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attended with certain penalties and his better judgment leads

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the second day of eruption. In this Jatter case the eruption was quite

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says that imder the circumstances we must make and do the

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jection SiXiAiv filtration excellentmethods of admitting

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higher mental faculties alone being in abej ance. Such a state

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they are enlisted to all recruits except those over 35 years of age.

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Dr. Edward Hacghton should forward as precise indications as possible to Dr.

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qualifications in medicine and surgery of the Examining

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other creatures there consequently resulted a form and soul

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monde se rejouissoit du gain de notre cause et il ne seren

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oorerjr uke plac in UUa fonn of pipuritifi tho cnidstion gnduallr

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relation is. The more careful investigations point to a primary disease

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had tried various physicians not excepting the noted Thomsonian

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addition to tlie living family the mother had four still

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nodules on the legs similar on palpation to those noted on the

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dition thus called is really a disease of the nervous

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philosophy it claimed to do then it greatly needed the Old Testa

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is a profusely illustrated volume from the press of G. P. Putnam s

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