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of the flap the red part and the mucous membrane on the under
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numbness in the right arm without lesions of motility this
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squeezed his pharynx with his left besides coughing violently the fish found
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tex including the eye motor area and basal portion of the tem
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Personen Monatsschrift fUr Psychiatric und Neurologic. Bd. 31
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that the association of the lesion with chlorine was sufficiently constant to
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Germany was the crudest of the three in the art of shoeing and
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causing difficulty later should operation eventually become
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patients where cardiac symptoms are prominent quite as much
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the neck and disturbs the poise of the head. In the lower
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patient is very much troubled jealousy suspects everybody sen
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ploitation of newly discovered facts as warranting new systems of practice.
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been of great value to the physicians of the state.
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tions. The infundibulo pelvic ligament was very much
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ences wei e ascertained in 68 and congenital defect existe l
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tion. Another miniature in the Bolognese Codex of Avicenna
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Jan. I 1883 has found in the sputa of patients with
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bus soris saepe ad medium pinnae restrictis utroque latere 4 10 mar
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dations for upward of one hundred guests. It is pleas
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in character from urinary tuberculosis. The processes
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Fort Niagara N. Y. The water supply taken from the Niagara
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are caused by two distinct crescent and flushing supervene upon the
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maintained hereafter that because the resolution had been
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Hdpital Saint Louis at Paris he employs it in the form of
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over chop two onions and boil with the soup if liked.
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Disorders op the Alimextary Caxal. Salivation. Ptyalism has
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rheumatism. After two seances I refused to continue
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or ceases wntli the cessation of the discharge. The hemorrhage due to
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In order to distinguish this appearance from that of a pneumothorax an
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he has actually fallen down. At times when he tries to use
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monkey s. Some one has advanced as an argument as showing
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takes in the application of such measures are believed by
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ed by the obstacle these states of the air passages
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brains than had Pheidias or Archimedes and it was by this coopera
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relieve all pressure as much as possible by bringing the hind legs
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makes its appearance and on stirring the reagent into the acid
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not on all farms and judging from the observation that the de
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annual banquet any reasonable deficit arising from the holding of the
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modem populations. Psycholc y and neuro psychiatry did much
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crystals is given as all the way from 140 to 180. It is
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for the past ten years we find that the highest incidence occurred in
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tents adhering to the cotton from the gin or mill. They
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the optic disc was whiter the arteries a little smaller and the veins
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then covering it with a thiu layer of cottonwool over
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KiEBT William. On the History Habits and Instincts of
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found red spots and varicose swellings of the nerves alternating
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Egypt the castor bean was held sacred and was placed
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pallida is a relatively non resistant organism being rap
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jitoms during the stage before perforation. luvcstigatiou
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another twenty one days after the last dose. Antimony was also
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ever at another meeting April I 1779 Doctor Bond appeared before the
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ing a resume of the opinions of various observers who have
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skin there were also some disseminated patches. The harness in
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ous neuralgic and visceral affections. In other cases of a similar nature more
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first and second sense which I have pointed out as a biological
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Dr. Barker Though this single finding is of real interest I
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namely the effects produced on the health and life of
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shaft below. The shell of bone left appeared to be from 4
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speaking difficult to find and in many cases the chylous effusion is
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ach cannot alone cause maceration it represents only
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at the beginning and saw the infancy of the university and helped to
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such treatment and even cases of several months standing with
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deemed it necessary to have a tourniquet by the bedside and
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used to brush out the stable. Then we wonder why men
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often been observed. In the present case allhou lt h thero
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its elimination in cases in which small amounts have
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and tetanus. Vaccination likewise is in a degree an example p.
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eafe which hath often befallen our Souldiers in the warres
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micturition and menstruation leucorrhoea always worse after period
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trunks ur endings not for spasmodic conditions of central
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the type. In our own experience the influenza bacillus was by no
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ed by the diminution in the dye outputs This differential renal function test
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anfcsthesia might be repeated in the same individual
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of itimutilized. To the ordinary man the solution seemed
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not tolerate the appearance of anything white and that in the
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an ounce powdered ginger root half an ounce mix and make one
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mass is very adherent to the underlying tissue and can be
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striking his limbs or head as he tosses about. The clothing should be
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in the beginning whereas in morphoea there is hypersemia and only slight
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bronchitis. During this period of extension in bronchi a number of things
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from pain but he did not speak enthusiastically of the
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Colcott Fox of London in his annual report of the Department for
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