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part of the symptoms recorded must be due to other than

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for tuberculous tissues but was common to other necrotic tissues and due to

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Dr. Jensen s letter closes with a remarkable homily

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ing through a stethoscope or phonendoscope placed over the artery below the

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The President of the National Relief Commission of Brussels asserted

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is not appreciably hot to the touch but reveals a certain amount of

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contagion in the sense that small pox is contagious.

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and marriages between persons in whose families there are marked neurotic

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of villous tumour the tumour was attached to the right ureter by a

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the lumen of the intestine. Nothing was to be found in

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feed these patients through a tube introduced into the

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bolo is the common tool or agricultural implement of the Fili

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found a specific or immunizing agency either in the

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of cattle were being brought by the carload into Maine

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jects than any other man. The Irish agricultural interests are protected

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we are told. This is a physical impossibility for the ambulance

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of the upper Mississippi valley. Many of these cases have not only enlarged

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The humoring of the supposed invalid child at this period has

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carbonate are very useful although in my experience the potassic

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Injection of 30 centigrammes of tuberculin is followed in tuberculous

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sufficiently defined for accurate description. However it is

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diabetics and von Noorden s fifteen cases of xanthosis

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in America and in the Tropics cattle infected with piroplas

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to an equal amount of urine and to that add a weak solution

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on fire and a burning in the lips on contact with a

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of the abdomen no muscle should be cut across it ought to extend

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decrease in the house space unit per family. While it is true

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plication of only one artery for instance the left subclavian occasion

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influenza epidemic of 1918. The percentage of fatal cases of pneumonia for

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acid solution at the cathode or any sodium or chlorin salt

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ounce of gum myrrh mix it in two table spoonsful of cold

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practically devoid of either germicide or antiseptic

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successive cultures obtained from the nasopharynx at

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line are its assiduous clients. To the others there come besides the men

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young than aged and also to be of the female sex. In

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their natural size and simply consist of a mass of granules.

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Owing to delays in mail constant movement of troops and other factors

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An Intensive Study of the Epidemiology of Pellagra Report of Progress ibid.

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His. Thus the view of Schmiedcberg that digitalis not only slows the heart

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inarian. The record as completed and signed will be sent to the

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in boiling calcium hydrate 50 b3 precipatiou with hydrochloric acid.

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Lorrain Smith s results to be scarcely justified. Although the defect of

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of the adenoid tissue. Some few mycelial filaments were rami

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After a varying period of nausea and retching the woman suc

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nmali proportion would be regarded as pneumonia and thus be classified

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diameter of the capillaries is about 4.5 n while in the guinea pig

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in which preference was shown for a posture somewhat analogous

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salts and lime sulphur had no apparent larvicidal effect sulphuric

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either case the total cell surface is increased. According to

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ofi floating wooden trays is a striking one. The water is

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h Lecture on Koch s Treatment of Tuberculosis British

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gard to cases which appeared to show a transmission

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carried out on the erection of the Irish workhouses. However they

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The Rear Sling Elongated by the Waist Belt. Which Is Passed Through Loop

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indirect transfusion from vein to vein in seven cases. Transfusion was per

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were dammed back into the brain intracranial pressure rises and as less

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why any course in physical training should begin with simple and

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Trahoir pour Imit Norrnands qui out fait un vol insigne de

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