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informed that a new road from the springs to the coast

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pathological changes. Rupture seems to be especially

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collected by the catheter showed a profuse epithelial desquamation. He con

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The nature of the affection has been much discussed.

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of the Imperial Board of Health of Germany as to the

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though I accept it as a rule that the apex presses downwards

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certificates in connexion with any Act of Parliament

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of the leg near the ancle but as tumefaction had already set

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cently tw o different kinds of bacteria have been isolated in dis

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a colored woman with chronic non congestive glaucoma on

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tioned although as regards first vaccinations it is a form ol

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anaemia be present or not. To this a corresponding quantity of citrate of

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by the skin is augmented until a certain maximum is reached. Arsenical

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membrane of the gall bladder and ducts. The chemical

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surgeon s call is sounded. Promptly on this call the First

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I am not to discuss so called toxic thyroiditis nor suggest more than

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lar atrophy the muscle cells diminish in size probably because

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rian affections there are many cases of amenorrhcea

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clinical anaesthesia depresses the ventricles and they

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strongly on the facts that the medical men had stated that the insanity

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Staff vine Waxwurk ClimLing Bittersweet Climbing Staff tree etc. is a

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Meeting 1914 instruct the Council of the Association to

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Subacute pyaemia was also a possibility particularly if we

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which we must not forget. People nuist be made to realize the

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ing to be fitted. The next is the counter extension

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men in many jjarts of the world look back to day with

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are too lazy to make a diagnosis corroborate their state

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permeable P. G. Unna recommends the use of the fol

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holic solution is allowed to cool 5 10 minutes the catgut is

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tory irritant or process by coagulating thus producing adhe

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damaging processes has the least food value of any bread

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strongly justifies the attempt. Its last report shows that the

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in birds. In order to adapt itself to the altered con

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spoon full of cayenne pepper in a little water it has caused

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to a congenital abnormal disposition of the glia. Among the former

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descriptions of the properties aud reactions of alkaloids

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a highly complex one due to various food materials waste

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condition of development have only been encountered in reptiles

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method the general opinion that certain conditions of the sac and

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smallpox more especially about the chest and abdomen.

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quantity of specific proteid to complete the anaphylactic cycle.

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Janiaica variety these yield much less extractive matter sometimes other

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duces less urgent symptoms but leads to more serious

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an oxytocic in which is reprinted not only the extract ifrom Dr.

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Intrapolvic tumours and diseases of pelvic viscera. In

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attained to high professional emiueuco in this country

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disease. INIany Avomen die with the n oduct of conception in the cavity

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narcotic symptoms are very prominent. Such was the character

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There may be violent headache. Apathy and complete helplessness follows and death

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honorable physicians themselves recognize this as an important

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and Mikulicz have to teach these classes during the Easter

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and another No. 54 had 15 per cent. fter operation the

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After the silver is deposited it is combined with sulphur thus

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being also a bright yellow while the hair of the head

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the heart should always be seriously considered yet the

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siderably elevated above the normal skin. This form of

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Board under this section shall be conclusive and all claims for injury

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fractures of the lower extremity of the radius both by skia

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checking hei self before reaching the concluding lines of

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as in the anterior segment of the sigmoid gyrus. The authors

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changeable factors similar to conjugate foci in op

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have been exposed to strong glaring light of tropics. In nyctalopia

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Ttcb the nature and fymptoms of this difeafe defcribed 403

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ing on a peculiarity of temperament or what is called idiosyncracy occurs

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State Board of Health Bulletin. The action of the New

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peutic measures and sea bathing sometimes are useful in cases

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present state of distraction entirely engrossed by one object would

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progress through the system. In either of these cases of

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lief is manifested. An average dose if there be such

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expel its contents. Fritsch passed a sound on the Oth

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