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ment in the intervals between attacks or if individ
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apparatus for blood chemistry was considered but was excluded because of its
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ring in the other tissues and organs of the body. Such
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BUTLER D. B. Portland Cement its Manufacture Testing and Uses London and
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the method of treatment consists in a regulated diet
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the preacher upon literally filthy lucre. But it was
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minds of students by a perusal of some of the London periodicals where
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written were of such a character that no physician could
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practical orthophoria is as little consistent with this view of
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nary hospitals. Implements were procured through the garden service the
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This service is an enforced one to enable the Ministry
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It is already a long established psychological axiom quite
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once or twice during the week I omit the clyster and purge
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resented by a hairless tumor weighing 22 pounds and hanging one inch
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lished the offer of a reward of one thousand dollars
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the same direction. In acromegaly too it is stated that irradiation of the
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their appearance of the number of stoppings required. If three
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and limgs normally healthy we must know how where and why
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From the above the following conclusions may safely be
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so much lacking in efficiency and failing in our duty.
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represented in tbe berbarium of tbe Pbilippine Bureau of Science by collections
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under certain conditions a soft stone may be present and yet not
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in.sheep and indicates the knowledge of contafdon from herd to herd.
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Welch and Flexner 1 have reported an instance of pneu
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strains are in progress. These findings warrant the conclusion that
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a slight action on the parasites 6 adding to the food during the
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The marked effect produced by conditions interfering with the
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discussion of it would be futile if it is clearly mani
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frequent oozing. The quantity secreted is increased by exercise the standing
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Mention may here be made of vulcanized india rubber used in the
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heredity the possibility arises that two similar predispositions
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iodicals available here. Can you give me any reference on the subject
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directions by the theoretical discussions of anthropologists. We
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writers primary cancer is most frequent in the posterior mediastinum
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The foregoing conclusion is another reason for doubting the
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patient left the hospital feeling perfectly well only to relapse and die
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during pregnancy. I attended two such cases and one of regular
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by altering its behaviour before absorption that is in tho
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containing everything which a student would have occasion to consult is

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