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list of other remedies are recommended for its relief. The most certain

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It is fortunate that the diagnostic indications are

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motion or shock. Leeches were prescribed and calomel given afterwards in

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previous to Eaoult s studies De Coppet showed that when a

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his pupil at Wurzburg Virchow s philosophical foundation

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regions. The shape is usually round and the surface

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the work. Tollin who discovered the original has reprinted

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into the circulation has the same effect. The increase

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same mechanism the centers regulating the circulation or

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In ordinary times dressings of the following type should be used

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down for several years in the engagement of these public

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able to unite and when the proper level in the open wound

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or a partial immunity to the various infectious diseases through

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tiple Anemic Infarction of the Liver by Dr. Frederic P. Gor

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difficulties caused by the action of the courts in depriving the managers

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the overcrowded famine area. We are asked to state that

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maintained. 3. Anaesthetics act directly or indirectly upon

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of Galifomia held December 30 1895 the following were granted certifi

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and is good ag3inft the bloudy flixe fluxe of rhe ftomake

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conducting a current by electrolysis. Electrons move

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membrane which the patient attributed to the fact that

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and authorized to shape a measure representing the views of this

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ooDoes. Infuse in a covered vessel for half an hour and strain.

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bad effect of mental worry on the course of the dis

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layers with the formation of rudimentary organs and which may be

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the public vaccinators should take measures by the vaccination of some

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molecules and cell globules of various sizes. Opaque patches of fatty

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to its mouth and so to its alimentary canal. We know

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chairmanship of Dr. Casey A. Wood of Chicago and of

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rule some informing spirit that would tell them beforehand and once for

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every honorable member of our guild should be taken

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the inflammatory process or has it a peculiar pathological significance It is

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a patient recentlv who vomited after holding a fever thermom

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clinical experience who is responsible for results obtained. For the larger recruit

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call malaria and others call miasm. But by whatever na ne

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that the toxins produced by the tubercle bacilli are harmless to

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time in the pens in our city furnished material and convenience

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eases. Its ravages extend to diseases of the fall and winter

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tomy should be the preferred method in every case where pos

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because of the difficulties of carrying on proper experimentation at the field

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use of red hangings in the treatment of smallpox the remedy

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hours of study under the new regulations. The hours of

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common affection. My good colleague Dr. O Reilly of

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