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Observations would tend to indicate that one half of those

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Boy 1st on Medical Society. The following gentlemen have beeneli

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Vitiligoidea as we have shown may occur under either

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Stack said that he denied Mr. Wheeler s major premiss he denied

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In 6 cases a pulse below 40 was noted the lowest recorded

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notice calling attention to a person or persons office

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a boy aged nine years born with imperforate anus had been operated

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Stephen Paget in 1896 and again in 1902 concluded that these accidents

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the said Medal executed in Pronze with au honorarium of Fifty Pounds.

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uric acid diathesis. Murchison introduced the term to designate certain

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In two instances I have seen glossitis result from the

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cavity of the intestine and then by tightening the suture the

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Army Medical Corps in which he attained the rank of

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from milk while even the characteristic odor and taste of urine are often

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