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intelhgence can learn to apply them. Nevertheless there are so many

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sustain the reputation of the book and add to the debt

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The inquiry opens up a big subject and demonstrates to the

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to mere traces. In severe acute nephritis as shown by these series as

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Signs of Excavation. Over a cavity of considerable size the percussion

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and the air has been gradually absorbed. Empyema is much more

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of Toronto. Dr. Elliott s annual report gave certain statistics of

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from the most elementary grade through high school. The depart

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blood and increase the blood tension in the vena cava or portal

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chronic diseases like syphilis tuberculosis cardiac

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duces haemoptysis on account of the convulsive and suftocative

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ships instead of having collecting stations with stretcher parties

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Keflecting on the symptoms and the cause of the hiccup

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concerning the cure of this difeafe when they come vp

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another time forty three sections before finding a single

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where they incite a granulomatous inflammatory response

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are dress making designing millinery manicur OF AMERICAN MEDICINE

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Take from a teaspoonful to a dessertspoonful 3 or 4 times daily.

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case was transfered. Not long afterwards so the hospital

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junctiva yellow. Eczematous or pustular eruptions may appear

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ftower only. Tlie specimen is Allophylu ternatus Radlk.

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On November 4th the temperature again rose above the normal

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little urine which was loaded with albumin and contained

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Hfldegard s ideas on these subjects are set out in the fourth

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cability to the cure of local cancerous foci is alone con

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that sensations and the other objects with which they have to deal

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Scirrbus in the liver proper regimen in the cafe of 308. Sec

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ceps are usually employed for the canines. The tooth

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The thorax consisting of the ribs and sternum is an appendage of

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both in England and America. For practical purposes we

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contained in the evidence which would indicate the particular anssthetio

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to at the onset in a number of them. It was apparent

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charged. There was no relapse. Patient did well in every

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The exact amount of ether used has not been recorded in a

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Active hypera3mia of the liver is an abnormal determination of Mood

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the cornea. The results have been most satisfactory. This

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evidence of the bactericidal effect of the serum. The tuber

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ing their seeds is of the utmost importance for the true comprehen

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General hydrotherapy may be ordered. The diet is to

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mental or motor disturbance and often topical symptoms.

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became free from pain robust and healthy. He has never seen but

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medialibus 5 cm longis 5 mm latis plerumque rectis acuminatis apices

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extensor muscle successfully treated by mechanical means.

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and one grain and a half of carbolic acid was given

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i.f house drain and sewers. Ventilation of drains gels inl

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cordially support him. It is our duty to warn him that

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cussion tenderness of the abdomen dyspnoea disturbed heart

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tula naturally injected. The capillaries and arterioles of

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An account of the origin and composition of this substance has

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remelted and thereupon showed in accordance with the above an

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with the exception of a few mild cases of erysipelas and one case

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tite etc. These come first then the physical signs crepitant rSle in

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xVfrican Branch to do so and we congratulate it on adopting

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of the strange instances of persons who. after half

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The characteristic lesions are believed by Wolbach to be con

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The constantly increasing number of medical men that have come

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To this end the Bombay Presidency has fitted up the old

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instability theory the cause of the albuminuria being due to the low

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a round smooth sharply defined ulcer but the inflammation which is

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may be briefly summarized to show how paleontology contributes

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case of ununited fracture of this bone which is also rare.

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scant and showing small round celled infiltration. Toward the

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bouillante qu il leur estoit possible dedans les playes

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dtfls larnisbfq 9f t f woisd y gt o lt ifiludol oAT.abn fg

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being secondary to the neurosis. The unaltered state of the cytogenic or

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to see whether larger doses of radium are poisonous after in

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his eyes and sleep. This condition of cerebral excitement appears to be

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I hetve recourse to some other remedy. This is explicable on consider

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