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about the sick and injured which phrase would seem to include all unqualified

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the lymph or serum above. The lower part of the pustule

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ing of the Section in Medicine of this academy was held

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in the urine. The urine when freed from albumen highly concentrated and

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Harvard school is a hospital of its own in order that

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containing no harmful drugs no bromide of potash. The

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prescribe or direct for the use of any person any drug

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EoissAO P. D I Influence des Climats sur I Homme et des

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Internal secretion organs of lesions produced by dichlorethylsulphide 119

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the examinations of the heart and blood vessels the abdomen and the

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may be followed by the same cutaneous troubles. As the protection

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The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man with

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Committee concerning the Budget proposals as to Develop

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posure to cold after severe exertion is emphasised as the most

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scantiness of the blood vessels and the capillaries in the cerebel

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of two weeks in combination with tonic diet and medicines

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and myelocytes a considerable number of large mononuclear leucocytes.

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sent another paper to the Society on the same subject and after

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faudal pharyngeal and laryngeal diseases and of many diseases

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College of Physicians and the Royal College of.Surgeons

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out patient exclusive of dental cases. The daily average of patients

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obstructed the urine is scanty and high coloured and dropsy due partly

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the animal strains the operator must not push but maintaining what

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isolation hospital in course of construction by the

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To all of this we say amen but until that millenium.

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annual banquet any reasonable deficit arising from the holding of the

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otherwise healthy ami in such i ascs it. lt often due to hereditary

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activities and the origin of the nerves and Dcmocritus of Abdera

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Gth. at tlie anterior margin of the middle pair of mucin glands.

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says in the Virginia Medical Semi Monthly that if he were asked

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certain cases of subthoracic ectopia cordis the heart

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blessings far and near. the choice and prepaiation of suture and

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continued in excellent health was killed. On post mortem examina

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of dutiful lives and sincere work to our great undying

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died from internal complications j 13 were treated by primary ani

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sheath or by covering it with an adjoining slip of muscle or fascia.

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in about half the cases the muscles act feebly and sluggishly in all

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the type. In our own experience the influenza bacillus was by no

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essential point is that the sutures should start well outside

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of the pre autonomous condition of yellow fever. It

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One hundred and sixty four appliances were issued during the fiscal

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creased by inspection of sensational literature treatises on the subject of

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denly died after vomiting blood and at the autopsy it was demonstrated that

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tion however should in practice be extended to every accidental wound

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is inclined to almost a horizontal position and an assistant with

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BUT when they coexist with the grny miliary tubtnJes ond when the

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the method of scarifications furnishes a new mode of admin

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rial haematuria disappeared but her nervous system seemed com

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M. W61aton s practice and in which that eminent surgeon had

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it. These practices are gained by the most frightful sacrifices

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with exudation which they cannot expel and hence are

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tilating general sanitation cleanliness and aseptic

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follow which has for it object the devising of means of pre

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administered at one dose to be followed by careful dietary

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close inquiry into his moral character the CBndidBt was first admitted to the

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accompanied liy catarrhal tracheo l ronchitis and even intra pulmonary

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other situation most commonly in the bronchial or mediastinal

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would be bettei abolished the cases being isolated and

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part contracts and in part atrophies and becomes smaller although

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sections that the nerves were of the same size and character as

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treatment of the insane within the last forty years

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and surely far more certain than what is affirmed of the

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