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uniformly higher in pitch than the whispered word iMo and nearly as high
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and the animal loathes food and has little power of mastication
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the best work of tlie British Red Cro5 s Society will be
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ventricles stopped in diastole within two minutes following the
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for both Committees thus securing identical personnel.
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ter cessation the pressure continues to fall and may be
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read book which is much of the type and character of
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under direct vision by means of a Kelly endoscope. Numerous solutions
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from the gradual breakdown of vital strength concomitant
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sometimes met with in association with xeroilernua. liut inou nUeil alone is
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The i eritona um is opaque white in color and everywher. thickened often
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parenchymatous goitre struma intrauterine congenita
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not be effected but u partial restoration of the parts may be made.
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portion of the several himdred food handlers whom I have had
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of hypertrophy caused by increased functional activity. Thus
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But it did not follow that if they had got what they wanted
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in one of the oval foramina. Two crotchets one for each side may
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a toxic agent which is difficult to control nor does its
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without truth that a work on tropical medicine begins to
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from the College of Preceptors by whom the preliminary examinations
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Special Fund. The Secretary was instructed to take a
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the accepted axiom Summa ars celare artem the highest art lies
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injection of extract of posterior lobe of the hypophysis increased the flow
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combination would work very mildly on any irritable skin.
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menclature held sessions under the presidency of Professor
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meeting in the median uterine incision where they are
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when the larva of the echinoderms metamorphoses into the defini
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coagulates the blood and when injected into the veins stops the ac
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pany which was met by a remedy worthy of the drastic
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modified the principles and practice of medicine. Not
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arisen from a wound dilating it if small or healed
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not exceeding 38 9 C. 102 F. the condition had become more
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present is possible through the medium of the anasthetizer s finger
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as it lies on the slide. The number of spermatozoa
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was filled tightly with iodoform gauze. The patient was
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satisfactory as controls receiving antitoxic serum. Clin
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cicatrization of the wound is relatively slow. When the Chigoes are
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his power at all times and under all circumstances
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had a profound effect upon the world. The spectacle of
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congestion. But in reality the two ideas are completely distinct.
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rxe used they have some relation to the tail. The bones are
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epithelioma. Syphilis might closely simulate lupus
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be removed quickly by further vomiting. Gluten or wheat flour
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ations and no one in the family has been infected. Father
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sistency in these pages I beg leave to epitomize in
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property interests involved. So there may be in a hemiplegia with
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ophthalmologjr they end fairly at the centre of some other science
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are not claims which could be conceded with any due regard
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glass containers each bearing the chemical analysis of
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In the report on this boy the student Mr. McCartney told us
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fif arresting the paroxysms of remittent and intermittent fevers
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this competition the following programme as prepared by
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uterus. Unfortunately the low er portion of the arametriuni
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ing off during the operation and for drainage the pre
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It is my firm conviction in the present state of American civilization that
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to have the proposal succeed. The cold storage people have shown no great
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characters this Bovins case is regarded as the only
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Central Nervous Organs. While the examinations of the diseased
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attention to the importance of this question of sanitation far more
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b. The tongue presents an indolent nodule sometimes actually caused by
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solutions of ordinary strength and that it shows by change
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hospital cases. Realize that the symptom complex of an early lead
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lesion. Los hechos apuntados dan validez a la conclusion de que
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j direction unless supported by the wall of tlie cage. The rabbit

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