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were exaggerated but there was no rigidity of the muscles of the neck

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wound has firmly healed it is necessary to make an opening for

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pericarditis is in such cases manifestly a difficult

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At the last meeting Of the library a new departure

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pital by St. rancras Yclry free of any expense to the charity had

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change consists less in a new growth of connective tissue

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parts were washed with ether soap and water and saline the

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who lost his. eyesight when a young man was nevertheless subsequently

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It may occur at any age but is oftenest found in infants

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swearing or lying or thieving or commission of still more fearful crime.

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account has also to be taken of variations in the age

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cavities even empyemas were successfully treated with

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Lunacy Department in Ireland must at least be modified not only to

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mother s mind are sometimes communicated to the child in

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procedure indicated in all cases of intrauterine malig

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tumours will dmost certainly be associated with obstruction to the bile lt iuct

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surpassing the American cities in the frequency of the cholera of

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was black and very fluid not coagulable. The ventricles of the brain were

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which may have been due to thrombosis of a small artery or to

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John B. Roberts contributes an interesting paper in

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blood to the pelvis reflexly and by various vegetable substances

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necessarily increased by the fact that the injection of cultures of these organisms

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every three hours. If a card is addressed to the laboratory of John

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century by his apologetic statements in regard to any lack of

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The small nerve trunks in the muscle showed advanced

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with in degeneration or insufficiency of the heart. If the

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from the pylorus the average results are no less favorable than in those

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wife of Philip of Macedon and mother of Alexander the Great.

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rami hyoideus and mandibularis. The ramus hyoideus contains

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the flame being directed into all cracks and crevices which should

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sion symptomatic convulsions by their size or their mechanical

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application which has obtained considerable reputation in the neighbor

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gave an annual grant to the Medical School at Kingston absolutely re

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ferred to term it the grave anaemia of children. He

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lium of the lamina spiralis membranacea phy and degeneration of the auditory

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the only micro organism actively at work. In my own

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a veterinary surgeon in the canton of Zurich Switzerland in 1820

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which takes place when their action is magnified or

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cial meridian so alters the figure of the lens as to

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ceived any attention and bat one case that of Dr. J.

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Tlie patient was X rayed and Mr. Miles was asked to see him.

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atives of the various Governments which ha d been held

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fidence and the control of his faculties and acquired more respon

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is not dangerous to life if the chief source of danger

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lum an enlarged gall bladder and the may awaken phenomena which have

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pushing the bladder upward and suturing its base to the broad liga

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connection with the volume of the lungs. In both chlorine and chloropicrin

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NINCDS This year 1035 different patients were involved in this

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A board of officers was convened to meet at Seattle

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for a short distance surrounded by dense white walls. The Avhite inter

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abaton was a lofty and airy sleeping chamber its southern side

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although apparently well at night they are found dead or dying the next

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bladder. One month later his hernia was operated on at the

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they learn to do so later. One half the answers.say that ordinary

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needed in this country is a central board whose certificates shall be