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cocci without danger to the patient. This dose has gen
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most a specific. He calls attention to many reports of cases
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or macroscopic pathologic anatomy and minute or microscopic
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the seat of constriction and a rubber catheter passed
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Present Illness Began July 3 1917 with diarrhoea adache and pain in back.
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with the greatest distinctness normal sized tubes and ovaries especially
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when 27 years of age she gave birth spontaneously to prema
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excrementil ial secre ted jiu ids as they pass over
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ing degree of prostration often extreme the monkeys lying
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portion as in the blood. The bacillus tuberculosis was detected
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Male aged 21. Pain in abdomen and chest temperature 103
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case. Excision should be invariably practised as the only remedial measure
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tion to technics dressings and the position in which
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and Missouri Medical Colleges as the medical department
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of other scholars prevents him from being dogmatic and an
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J r. iMaxwell Telling was unable to attend owing to an
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book that being eminently practical should appeal especially to
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Table XXT. Discharges for disability United States Army 1919 Continued.
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except the thought that if fortune bestows on Ctesar the supreme power
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ria as soon as it is certain that the larynx is affected.
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ciently e.xplains itself. To still further expedite matters
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explained by the planetesimal hypothesis. In the many discussions
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In cancer of the stomach the pain and gastric symptoms arc aggravated
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and less the lymphocytes and mononuclears from the lymph
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powder in doses of gj every four hours and should then
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pages 443 illustrations 66 of which are in colors. Phila
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healthy fell ill with acute articular rheumatism with an initial chill after liaving
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or the large divisions of the pulmonary artery couple at these various
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typhus small pox syphilis tuberculosis rarely leprosy
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tions in medicine and surgery 223 Sudler M. T. The recent
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on the localization diagnosis prognosis and treatment of gon
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This part of the subjeet naturally divides itself into a The ap
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The following table shows the courses given in the department dur
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tive tissue cells and degeneration with granular destruction
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opposite side and often the remaining pelvic tissues
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Petry found 44.5 of recoveries in 18 patients operated upon within
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ont augmente de poids souvent meme dans une mesure conside
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people of weak understanding is that they should have been
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occipital region the head was inclined forwards and there was slight numb
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area involved followed by a solution of oxalic acid.
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mental rabbit carriers inasmuch as it retains its activity in serum
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gradations common in his day taking from the first the surgical side
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leaving depending portion of incision open. I think
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the hair follicles stain diffusely with eosin. The nuclei are shrunken and
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as capable of equalizing the circulation of the blood by controlling the
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Treatment. Application with a camel s hair pencil of borax and glyce
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medicine that can have ppwer here is mercury for it seems to exert
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from Secretary of Defense C.E. Wilson titled Use of Human Volunteers in Experimental
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satisfactorily by the theory whence Leverrier assumed the exist
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is very characteristic. First the patient becomes weaker then muscular
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given to children under fourteen years of age varied
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deeper until a hemorrhagic appearance was presented. Then paling
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an enfeebled body ill adapted to subserve the functions for which it wa.
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but the results obtained thus far though fragmentary justify
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had it suffered some injury earlier which made it give way under
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This reflex experience or reflex attitude to experience is exhibited
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strated that this unequal contraction of the ciliary
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bladder wall the latter is therefore injected along the
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hour was held each Thursday at which time a section chief ap
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nutrition. As an example of this type may be mentioned the
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writers have recognized mental deterioration as a part of the symptom
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Sometimes the mouth parts of the males which only live on juices
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being perfectly opaque with no tendency to precipita
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gradually. The rupture of a bloodvessel is a sudden occurrence and the
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reported to ensue on cessation of the phenol treatment.