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out the opium. He has found that an application of a saturated solution

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Recently Dr. Peter Bryce of the Canadian interior department de

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Hampshire Journal of Education. In 1863 he removed to Toledo where

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ticular form of therapeutic interference. Hoor of Budapest jf rL

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impress upon our p itirnrs that the menapause at which time

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position of the joint and the arrangement of the articular surfaces

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who later develop dementia praecox are worth noting. Many of these

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that the frontal are longer and possessed of greater power so

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cussion of the subject of genito urinary tuberculosis.

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Owing to the reduction of the minimum age limit from 21 to 18

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signals in Germany. The writer examined 250 railway operatives and

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to desire a good education. He accordingly went to Worcester Poly

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are sound and much more interesting than is usual in

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incision into an abscess and leaves in pi sition for

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posterior columns is encroached upon. The pus is of a greenish white

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Salkowski in 1907 reported a case of chyluria in a young

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Or we may give strychnine sulphate gr. to ji alternating with

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came to know that the ecstatic state can be induced by

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fungoid tissue and a transformation of the squamous granulating masses

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know her well for she acts as his collector sometimes. Do

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fluence of a gouty or rheumatic diathesis in aiding and

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good horse. He is one of the purest gaited and the nearest

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should be partially removed. I am confident therefore that the

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Off. Prep. Extractum Spigelise et Sennae Fluidum Liquor Potassse

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accounts and making a systematic check and analysis of

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to cases in which this pathogeny has been recorded.

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Right lung somewhat carnified. Early lardaceous liver. Pyramids of right

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the microscopic findings in any large series of cases it is

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Derivation. Oil of juniper 8 oil of caraway 1 oil of

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perforation the ca.ses are as a rule atypical with confusing and mis

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the veterinary profession in tliat he told me at the table this

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many minute tubercles to be seen upon it but there were none

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such improvement that he can now walk 10 miles daily without

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number and condition of living anthrax organisms which it

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Of these the most common and the most important is intussusception

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the gas bacillus of Welch and Nuttall. The hemolysin of this

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muscles may he much more all ected tiwin others especially in lesions of

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Sparks flashes or circles of fire are seen particularly after aun

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on the thigh then rotating the tibia inward if it is

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cent by the end of the third week 56.6 per cent by the

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sterile frequently produced abscesses in guinea pigs.

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jnngxLicola Treutler 1793 Nordmann 1840 594. Dies. 1850a 410 to Hexathy

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that any irritative motions fucceeded the flimulus of external objefts

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serratum Froplich 1889 Zed. 1800a 203 type of Linguatula 1789 1803a 230.

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partial vacuum disturbing the equilibrium of pressure

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apparently most solid structures the teeth and of late

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cles in his right hand bowing and scraping to the class. He

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be assured of obtaining almost the last word on the subject

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bladder was restored in spite of considerable weak

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first case reported by the writer a simple fracture