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to localized disease of the bone or aflfection of one or

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fect upon the delicate structure of the lungs in unremittingly re

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will be freely diluted with atmospheric air. In holding this

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his life that Ins system of practice was beginning to be more generally

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public morality certain evidence could be given in private

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by red or green sealing wax are among the things commonly employed.

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In all coses variation in temperature is one of the most important early

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of children of the same grade and age of the same social

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eyes were turned. The pupils were of normal size and there

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and the Renaissance was its golden age not hitherto attained to

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which ceased in a few moments to give place to an immobile

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not involve skin no enlargement of axillary glands. As the foreign

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tlie country generally. It is from these towns where

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ease is subacute or chronic in character. The onset is

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the neck were slightly enlarged. On examintng the heart the area of

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had published his New Metliod of Treating Sprains in the

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is sufficiently strong to endure the operation amputation must be

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which governs the whole of this great subject of the prophylaxis

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lated with special authority of the author from the

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hand persons have been killed by merely tasting poi.

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cal Corps. Leave of absence heretofore granted is ex

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A result of over distension of the veins and their capillaries and

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sil and accumulation of fibrinous exudation and desqua

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using convalescent serum could be enumerated. However in none

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caudal extent of the area in question when measured in the

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attack. The cirrhotic kidney may be caused by chronic lead poisoning

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such important questions as the range of medical ser ices and

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and philosophy. Women however are allowed to matriculate

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frequent occurrence than is generally supposed. It develops in

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which somewhat represent it and though it were found in

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priests should dissect the human body In order that

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Spaniards to surrender Santiago province and the early appre

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and pulse and the probable diagnosis of typhoid fever was

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second was of both hemispheres with the mesial surface of each toward the

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remains m the intestinal canal after all proper means have been used to

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how many feeble minded there are in the State is as futile as

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ruary 22 1881 he was President of the Board of Trustees of Crown

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theirs but also the nature of the wounds we shall have to

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special applications for the conclusion of my paper.

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supra scapular artery arose from the axillary artery eight or

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Properties and Uses. Tobacco Ointment forms an anodyne applica

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as to antisepsis at least I think in this country we are

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complaints were for violation of the Statutes relative

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and decliuing powers of recuperation. His health record

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pletion nor the application of leeches to the neck

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Hospital No. 35 ceased to function February 4 1919 and its personnel were

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the Greeks but were willing to make personal sacrifice for the sake

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to each other as if the two refracting surfaces were

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pleteness of statement of fact and perfection of formulation of prin