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tory canal and could be easily remedied. In the remaining

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This and the five preceding specimens were presented by James Berry Esq.

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preted differently by different judges. The legal point of view

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especially indicated and exceedingly serviceable where we have reason

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of the Sulphides on the bowels and portal system and on the

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This local inflammatory property may be considered identical

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characterized by its tubercular structure. One could follow

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shows a progressive loss of weight and when he begins

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member this is considered one of the contagious diseases of the horse.

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quality the flavour and aroina of the freshly roasted berry being retained

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month of gestation he heard the uterine murmur in 295.

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recti act well. Pupils active and equal. Optic neuritis

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a nervousness and sometimes irritable disposition of miud

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Soaps should be mild and used sparingly and be thoroughly rinsed off.

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When the case goes on to suppuration hot fomentations will aid the

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lieu of want of autopsy in such cases the author explains his own

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going to act without the profession and were giving

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putrefaction in the intestinal tract. The ethereal sul

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or in some instances inflammation of the mastoid cells.

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Syphilis head injury meningitis alcoholism on top of a pro

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in the course of the dissection and cannot be used for further work.

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It may prolong the time of auriculoventricular con

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to be located in the medulla oblongata while special centres are

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Injury to the brain during labour which is often accom

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when it obtains it may be regarded as pathognomonic of

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surfaces. Ultimately the joints become completely locked not by a true

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vented the first electric machine which consisted of a globe

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indurated acne which these authors studied none failed to show a

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Reference to various eases fur which see above and below.

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mentioned above three factors as against one on the right side.

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of cerebral functions of genesis of ideas and of their

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literature shows that tubercle bacilli have never been found in the

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cattle 308 hogs. Disease found in eight counties only. Mary

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and the nerves have a sensible effect upon it. The fluid which it

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same. Sometimes the lesion seems to spread along the

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mena and course resemble those of some of the more common pulmonary

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are a dozen men outside the pi ofession even on the

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nounced and if in addition the animal is ungroomed and the

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ureteral lumen instead of this the whole cyst may be

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laid down by Medical Department regulations is inflex

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not disagreeahle or unnecessarily protracted. When a female is

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Different authors ascribe peculiar prognostic value to single

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this artificial oil for the pr dnction of salicylic

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were proposals for the revision of the allowance for drugs

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weighing one hundred and twelve pounds. A proliferous cyst is a mother

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frequent attacks of diarrhea l ut not always associated with

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constricted without any serious obstruction being offered to the blood

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physiological test could have been given than the anastomosis

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has served me a very good purpose many a time when given in

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He had tried it but ceased its continuance on account of the gastric

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great omentum rolled up and indurated and giving attachment

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Upon making rectal examination found bladder much dis

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time to enlighten is the problem presented. In dealing

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from observation. At the autopsy are found hyperemia of the arachnoid and

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should be called a Nazorean. In a most interesting critical discussion the speaker

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complete though repeated attacks may lead to subacute gastritis or to the