Commentary on girl dolls,

or, "I can't meet single women, so I make my own".

I started this by making paper cutouts of my girl cartoons back in 1989. I wanted to see how it would change the composition to see what they looked like outside of the picture plane. They were still flat, but they really catch the eye as cutouts. They seem more real, because now YOUR world is THEIR background.

A few years later I started using Sculpey products to bring the cartoon girls into the 3-D world. I got better over the years, and 7 years after I started making dolls, I showed them to some of my art fans in the local fetish crowd. They LOVED them! Women just go BANANAS over these. Unfortunately I've been able to see all of these women, therefore none were available*...;_;

I haven't made any to sell yet, because they take weeks to make. But eventually I want to mass produce them out of high-quality, shiny anime-doll PVC, and sell them for under $500.


*In the Texas Jeebus-based purdah system, available women stay out of sight in our large churches until they meet someone. Once they're in a new relationship, they can go outside and be seen. Thus if you can see a woman in Texas, she's taken. I keep telling my bachelor friends to just give up and go to church, that's where the women is at. They have refused to give it a try...