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of the first stage of labor are ameliorated and often altogether
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ftoihug of wounds with earth dust and similar material.
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general in the first quarter of the present century
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with great rapidity. Death may occur before any bleeding takes place
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commenced consisting of Italian rye grass young vetches or
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This case was undoubtedly one of urinary paraplegia
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degree in which tbe kidnevs can be made to functionate for although
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thrived that a number of cases of incurable diseases should
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owing to a mixture of tnucus and air nnder the pleura. There wei
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largely depends on a free transmission of the mechanical forces of respira
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described the trophic troubles following spinal and cerebral disorder particu
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ber of thicknesses of heated cloths. ISIaterial should be prepared for two
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mothers sleep lightly and there are no means of avoiding
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These cases of phlyctenular keratitis clear up well under tuberculin
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want it tuiderstnixl at the start that writin.sj his
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portance especially in old personsj that the nmrition of the patient should be
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porter is in the general aid it affords the abdomi
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Liqitor Potassce PermaTiganatis. Solution of Permanganate
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teacher for each class averaging fifteen pupils. She
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cases and may persist for months alter the acute stage.
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told much that is germane to the subject. Some of it
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extensive surgical operation at which the vermiform appendix both
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more or less responsible for this state of things. We freely admit
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of the vertebral column in accordance with the requisites for the
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pneumococcus origin in most instances. As described in greater detail below
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soever that petty complaints having no health significance are not pro
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able differentiations. In this case there had been arrest in the
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Elementa Medicinal for J. Johnson the well known publisher of
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fixing and thionin staining the protoplasm of the reds is well
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just before death when I have known the thermometer to register lOlKo.
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govern the adrenals and therefore oxygenation of all cells and
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tions performed upon twenty five patients for divergent strabismus
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verbis ad ea magis quae de mundi ortu paulo ante dixerat quam ad
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The next advance was made in the direction of indus
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WooDHULL Alfred A. Observations upon the medical department of the British
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author has found this measure useful in these cases and
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Essay on Listinct and its physical and moral relations.
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each meal a small rubber band should be drawn oetween
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diseased condition is unsuspected or thought of slight con
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ments or social ideals. Thousands of women from manifold
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region is very large 25 per cent of men show definite
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PREPAKATioN. The leaves are gathered in the months of Jane and Joly jostbelbrt
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this infiltration. The remainder of the stomach excised and
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by apparent vascular irregularities slight spasms or

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