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Diphtheria occurred 44 times with 23 deaths giving a

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fluid. As soon as it loses its alkalinity it thickens

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close of the Civil War a voudoo society was suddenly surprised

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As he says in his preface the author hopes that the book may

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Alder Smith called my attention to the subject and since that time I

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cult for the practitioner to arrive at satisfactory conclusions on this ques

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Symptoms. A preliminary stage is characterized by weak

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been able to do by any other mode of treatment. Canada

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mitral and aortic valves were the seat of a chronic en

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Surg. Archibald M. Fauntleroy has been detailed to make an observa

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be a matter of review by the managers of the enterprise.

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vitriol or oil of sulphur. Joshua Ward its discoverer de

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second stage is largely reflex in character 16 and while the brain

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usual manner. On October 24th five weeks he was discharged

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with a lues it is ineffectual. The lues may have ceased whilst

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was advised to stop nursing and take more rest. She improved

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disease producing germs is wanting. He thought that

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inal proposition which is objectionable and has been