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Population. Few statistics are in existence which help
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upon laparotomy under gas and anaesthesia this was found due to tubal
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tance of supporting the head in cases of scoliosis situated in the
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tions of the general staff. Its functions in maintaining intimate relations
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of alkali glycerin and water. This may be accomplished by boiling the
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writer is however of the opinion that most such rises
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the legs and after the lapse of a fortnight the soldier as a
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became profuse and purulent. The infant as the mother
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probable that many cases develop particularly in children in mild forms
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Arranged npon an Original and Convenient Monthly and Weekly Plan for
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cent are myxomatous the combination being almost peculiar to the
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of instances the germicidal agent used does not can
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the patient had consumed a certain quantity of alcohol wine
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mucous membrane of the lower part of the rectum rendered possible
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ventricular fibrillation is fully established it is generally
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on active service have been fullj vaccinated against
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adhesions. Adhesions binding the cyst to the abdominal wall are of
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war were gauze dressings used nor was there any idea of aseptic
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If. ItoTJCHERON Societe Frangaise d Otologic el de Laryngologie April 27
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operation to stand in the way. It is merely a question as to
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Oysters To Fry. Oysters sufficient nice light crackers eggs salt
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that he saw this form used in a case where a Henehaw
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in left flank between last rib and unc le of the haunch.
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of education unmatched by any other citizen of the State who has not
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The surgery of the appendix is most interesting with a view to a
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furrows in merely ploughing sands or in leaving the soil unbroken.
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resulting from injections of sterilized air or oxygen under the
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with such a wide diversified group of people yet I believe that you
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and was called roots was nothing more than strings of gristle.
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constitutional symptoms and their importance is therefore usually
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parasitic form of the disease has already been considered.

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