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convenient form. One can not read these standard text hooks without

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It is fortunate that the diagnostic indications are

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Effect of Overdose of Phenobarbital. J. Stein reports

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restoration may occur after compression of the cord lias lasted for many

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not prompt a fatal termination or at the very least serious conse

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lasted for half a decade with as sudden a rush back

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would pave the way for discontent among the chemists and

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stretching but the pain in the limb began to subside soon after the

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government did notning until about four years thereafter

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dant in the filtrate than in the original water sup

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nished by Madame Lachapelle Merriman Ryan Pacaoud de Bourgs

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a little safer on account of the drainage which it affords

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quantities. Schemensky concludes that analbuminuric nephritis does exist

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line in length smooth and shining they are reddish brown exter

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commensurate with the greatly increased number of patients in hospital and did

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plete reports which are still lacking before it can be accepted.

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food too little water or too little exercise. For the

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that at the eighth hour were surely diphtheria bacilli at

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cases of spurious hermaphroditism in one family and recently Pozzi tells of

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required by modern clinical medicine in bacteriology serology clinical pathology

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stomach by some other poison the physician aids the removal

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During the winter of 1917 18 and spring of 1918 patients were admitted

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Diaphragmatic. Jacobsen and Mitchell record an interesting

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which are accentuated while in the air and especially

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pletely restored and a permanent tendency to recurrence

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of the other houses in the same neighbourhood must be

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degree to produce polynuclears and red cells. The anemia in these cases

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the several divisions and hospitals within the training areas. Instruction of

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Acute diseases following on chronic are the most dangerous.

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The vicinity of Paris exposing him to frequent visits he left

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there could be no just comparison because from the j ear 1918

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because the internal heat is passing off and there is an outlet

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mented the corium is the seat of the discoloration. The

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normal. Treatment Auto condensation 350 to 600 milli

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used to brush out the stable. Then we wonder why men

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and cartilaginous. Posteriorly near the pyloric ring there was a deep

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and we will continue to do so when proper occasion demands it. Iy

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the eosinophile lymphocyte is present in large percentages the

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biliary epithelium secretes an excess of cholesterine and salts of

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depression began with a resultantcoldnessof the surface.

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them ultimately died of either glanders or fa cy. We content

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benche ne Ihuomo non siano sempre diuise che se possano uedere.

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After a varying period of nausea and retching the woman suc

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flexed upon the thighs and they could not be extendc lt l.

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Linimcntum Hi drargijri. This is reduced in strength

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knock knee return in eighteen months time to the hospital for the

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ordained constituted and declared and granted and by these Presents

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to twelve days. For the last two years these attacks have been

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profession he said The dominant idea that a course of study

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described. It may be observed that the growths themselves differ

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disease and the desirability of special training in

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patients whose improvement from its use after the failure

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them as an etiologic factor in headache insomnia ver

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and would rather not go unless it was absolutely necessary. Have heard it

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cliapteis which seem to cover the ground very adequately.

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in the ovarian stroma near the inner wall of the gestation sac.

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Causes overdistensions in front of obstructions.softening friability ne

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fact that there is a complete correspondence in the vasculari

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meet at the bureau to examine and grade the papers of

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the second day of eruption. In this Jatter case the eruption was quite

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from them. Infected pens and hog lots should be thoroughly

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the miracidium both from man to water and from water back to

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except the thought that if fortune bestows on Ctesar the supreme power

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which had been paid in advance by two gentlemen who

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The statistics of a well observed group of cases of

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Sharp a rapier or pointed weapon. PharsaHe. The French edition was cer

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most appalling sacrifices of all human ties and associations before

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larly swollen it should be thoroughly applied with a swab the

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capsule and burrowing but a short way into the cor

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Bishop s elaborate experiments. The absurdity of calling these experi

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