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hair. The sensitive division of the fifth pair of nerves supplying

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than philology as all scientific work consisted principally in criticis

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health of either body or mind and though we may succeed

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public health should be commenced in 1935. Those bodies

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amount of work which will later be required in order to

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Many years ago an industrious workman approaching the decline of

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the liver which was drained. The pulse improved for two days then there

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are suggestive of the possession of pathogenic properties by this

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squeezed out. avoiding too much haste in the operation which will

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Fort Clark Tex. The quarters are old obsolete and really unlit

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If osteopaths are to be licensed l y Act of Parliament under the

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keeping children out of doors all day. See also general article on

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most common are perforation of the stomach or intes

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are carried by the ferry boats plying between Detroit Belle Isle and Windsor.

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behind a fistula. In 1 case of renal tuberculosis the kidney became

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The eggs are deposited in the dry forest ground and hibernation

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starting from the lung or pleura or from other structures in the immediate

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Causes. Tlie predisposing cause is the extreme mobility of the

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is commenced or even before the veterinary surgeon is called in.

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Health. Ottawa a pamphlet has recently been issued on the im

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Wadsley near Sheffield. South Yorkshire Lunatic Asylum

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with her hind end raised three or four inches higher than her front

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It is a perfectly fair deduction to make that Dr. Gillespie

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resolution of any particular focus. Cathcart gives a summary

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coagulates the blood and when injected into the veins stops the ac

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between flexion and extension no supination. Knee in extension no

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strain of the pectoralis minor gives way suddenly and the scapula

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reply to a question by the President the reader ad

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seventeenth century may be mentioned the gastrotomies of Florian Mstthis

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enables articulations to be made which are in many cases

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j ains in the distribution of the nerves from the affected segment. Pains

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mena and course resemble those of some of the more common pulmonary

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Alte und neue Gyndkologie is dedicated to their re

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Stimulants potassium permanganate 10 grains in a pint of

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From quite an extended series of records it is concluded

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