Commentary on Fur (dragon girls):

To understand this, you need to read Tolkien's Silmarillion. Morgoth, the original dark lord, created dragons to smite the elf-kingdoms with. I've made up a version of that world where he combined dinosaur and elf characteristics, along with considerable artistic license on Morgoth's part, and accidentally made some less-ferocious but strangely attractive dragon girls.

There’s more than one of these characters, or more than one side to one character. One’s a top, one’s a bottom (if somebody nine feet tall can be “on the bottom”). One is an elf-sympathizer, the other collects elves. Well, it’s more like she adopts them as pets. Neither one of them hates the elves, they’re a lot nicer than the orcs. But both have orc friends, too—they live in Morgoth’s fortress city; and they don’t grasp the elvish desire to kill them all. Most, maybe, but not all of 'em.

I can only deal with so much fur. I can't deal at all with girls covered in fur, for example. These dragon girls have pointy snouts, but their texture is the same as wouldn't be like smooching your dog. Their tails would feel like touching a person, too--however odd that would be. I try not to think about it.

So although they're dragons, they're mammals (you notice that yet?). BUT...because they're magical hybrids, they're sterile as space. They ceased to be a big deal to Morgoth after he figured that out.