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accessory but as such not to disparage or underrate its value.

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Candidates should whenever it is possible make personal applica

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know from the work of previous investigators that the nerve

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plied. If ligature is technically impossible suture

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fatty degeneration necrosis and the accompanying changes which alter their

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abscess. Two forms of anal fistulae 1 Complete in which a probe

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level with the superior border of the muscle and about two inches

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His studies in anatomy were soon applied to surgery. In the

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date the mortality of litholapaxy at the hands of operators who

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comfortable heating than that by isolated units. As the object of heating is

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sistant Surgeon. Granted fourteen days leave of ab

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alterative antiseptic and hepatic stimulant. Used externally in

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assisted also by the contraction of the muscles of the gullet and its

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can garner. A precisely opposite spirit has prevailed in some other

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according to the plan usually followed under similar circumstances. This

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Then again foeticide or infanticide does not necessarily imply

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man who grew into manhood and learned the trade of horse

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the pulse was 170 general condition was bad. In half an

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Only by persistent effort on the part of the profession and the

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as remarkable in respect to the magnet. There is something

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the beginning of the former book concerning the cramp rings that

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Of the early symptoms of Pott s disease two have been

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perforation the ca.ses are as a rule atypical with confusing and mis

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discrimination and executed with skill. The beautiful lithographic plates

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Staff or of the Assistant Staff shall hold any other

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endure over a long period of time yet these individuals exhibit few

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with this amount of interference the period of recovery was

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