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tation. Michaux and Schwarts even advise cutting constrictions

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a decayed first molar or even premolar may be sacrificed provided

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child many of the diseases of manhood may be eliminated.

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possible. Removal of deleterious substance by suction use of cupping

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the anglemount especially is this so if the patient is

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With a smile on her face and your fee in your hand.

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tions of age and sex. Hypochondriasis is pre eminently a

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pathogenic bacteria. I believe that its most important

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Follicular abscesses of the appendix are resjionsi

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Harrille snrgeon in chief instead of re electing Dr. Ohas. i

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cells which have been derived from it by gemmation. This mould

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symptoms disappeared after the operation. The removal of the appendix is

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Mr. Percivall alludes to the lameness and rapid tumefac

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civilised world and derived its name from the island

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possible should be removed for microscopic examination

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liarcroft Wilder D. A presentation of a theory of emulsification.

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frequcntiy. Pleuritis is a necessary result when the peripheral portion

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impression obtained from gross inspection no fat is found. The individual

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courses. In reference to this an amusing incident oc

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whole fluid has lost somewhat of the flat and cloying

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easily done and the wound is healed in half the time

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In 1801 when the first oflicial census of Scotland was

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syphilitic and 70 per cent of males have had gonorrhea

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difficult to handle certificates written by physicians who have

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inflammatory glaucoma is probably due to an obstruction of Shlemm s

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by the Baroness von Hutten. It is a London story but some of

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tion containing a cluster of follicles covered with mucous membrane.

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That as Ribbert further says on the question of parasites

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Lambert Kobert A. Data showing the comparative resistance of

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and leprosy bacilli which are also stained by this method in that the

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advises 3 grains copper sulphate in water every five minutes

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cases which amply demonstrate the insignificant part which

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unable to offer any explanation as to the increased muscular

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treatment were unattended by ulceration of the throat and this

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which spreads and carries the lateral cartilages outward. The frog

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have lasted four to five weeks one case lasted nearly two

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of him through life he was wont to say that he really knew

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called to the fact that berth reservations should be

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By Le Grand Kerr M.D. author of Diagnostics of the Dis

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in whooping cough was deemed worth while and the author

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and the embryo passes to the thoracic muscles where it grows con

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of the necessary amount of oxygen the material which filters through is

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no such effect. The addition of liuman blood has an action

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amiable man and that was all he could say but unfortunately those

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