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--damsels in distress

--girl dolls with big ones


Q. Do you do commissions?

A. I regret that I'm way too involved in school at the moment to do commissions. But feel free to suggest things, who knows, you may get lucky.

Q. Can you update the site more often than twice a year?

A. Probably not, but you can see my newer art, which I post at Fur Affinity. I post a lot of non-furry art over there, since they're kind enough to let me. You'll have to sign up as a lurker to view the adult stuff. I also post on the 'chans sometimes, on boards like /b/ where anything goes.

Q. Didn't you have a Deviant Art page?

A. Yes, I still do, but I don't post there anymore. DA doesn't respond to its users, which is bad when they delete my pictures for no reason I can think of. I've found the administrators at Fur Affinity to be responsive to questions, and tolerant of my content.

Somebody on some bulletin board once said "DA removes representations of underage cartoon characters." Is it loli-porn if I draw an anime character with great walloping 38 DD's? Also, people need to remember that cartoons are made of ink and paper, they're not exploited people.

Q. Some of your pictures are signed "Sue Dunn Emm" and some older ones are signed "Sue Dunn Embe". Wut?

A. I thought people would get the joke spelled the other way, but they didn't. So I changed the spelling.