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Cox HOMERSHAM Principles of Arithmetic Cambridge 1885 Deighton.

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particularly acceptable to students in abdominal operations preparing

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boils for the boil was upon the magicians and upon all

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hospital tent in field hospitals and other units. No claim to originality

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of these I have reviewed elsewhere. 2 7 The Pathological Society of

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the number of cases of measles though it reached 3 747

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Although countless varieties of micro organisms are present in

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going to act without the profession and were giving

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of her surroundings and was for the most part speechless though she

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round by a succession of jerks towards the shoulder while

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of a very rare condition a brief note will be of inter

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very soon seen in the affected part and obstinate ulcers that had

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Characters. A colourless syrupy liquid becoming brown

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which are incurable. All things considered therefore the

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which threaten when the child is dead the expectant

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The Provincial Monthly Fever Mortality in the Punjab.

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present investigation has been directed has already been indicated

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interesting case of primary cancer originating in the right bronchus which


to appear before the Lord Mayor and urgently ask for his aid. Even

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ington devoted exfelusively to this case of pretended rabbit breeding.

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Christ Church a physician of the RadcliflFe Infirmary

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der the head of Treating and Dressing Wounds Vol. 1 p. 346 the

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paste with water and this compound is then spread on the hair that

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a ray plate like the percussion findings makes it plain then that

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way aifects its progress. Those morbid conditions of the uterine tissues

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atrophy a dull earthy complexion loss of appetite and obstinate

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