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case was supposed to be due to an exposure to cold after

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accounts and making a systematic check and analysis of

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Characters. In rounded or irregular tears or masses

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fubftances. Thefe organic particles he fuppofes to exift in the fper

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were not discovered until many years later often 20 to 30 years or

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Prize contests on the part of athletes should not be encouraged

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cent tinctures in the next revision then the serve a useful purpose.

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covered to be due to an animal parasite and Manson and Ross

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is certainly not sufficient to justify a diagnosis of

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depend on certain impurities many of which have not

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Antimony may be employed as an emetic in bronchitis

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chronic parenchymatous nephritis infective endocarditis chlorosis leuk

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ture of which may subsequently interfere with the func

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practitioners called away in connexion with the wra and

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istic anaphylactic febrile response when injected subcu

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time prepared for paracentesis of the pericardium. At my sug

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trol of Milk supply in Cities and Villages with Report of Health

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water and nitrogenous compounds as represented. In some

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the saide Electors of the seconde Governor and therein

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The annual distribution of prizes at Charing Cross Hos

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tin Medical Society of the Johns Hopkins University. It is

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of gray matter. The anterior third is white matter and

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and more as we grew older and assumed positions of responsibility

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the same effect. Thus cases of palpitation have been found to be due

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tered by a wolf the name of the nurse being Lupa and

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much the same as those of the acute except that the condi

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iadex finger gently at first and then progrcssneh moie

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opyhi irpoaawairkdTTopMVf ovoijccta fjjprj icai voBrf tov mriov. Ubi pro amp antp

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Rome in 1566 the Cardinal Vitelli gave a sumptuous banquet at which

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From this treatment he considers the mortality due to eclamp

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carbolic poisoning c. A state of debility or senility

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Tney heg to submit to the board for indorsement and approval

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the latter converts the former into the acrid volatile official

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to tuberculosis is also unanswerable and will probably remain

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tage follows its use it can only be attributed to the valerianic acid.

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three deaths was due to septicaemia but to the grave

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indeed puts in a plea for colotomy as likely to be more

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The Chinese are even more fanciful than the Hindoos

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be mixed except in the diluted dipping bath 1 arsenic stock 2

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did not find tlie characteristic germ with terminal spores either in

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always be reported and it should lead to an immediate

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Mucli distress of mind misery and sickness might be prevented were

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vox cum hoc loco excidisset paulo post in textum irrepsisse videtur.

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EoissAO P. D I Influence des Climats sur I Homme et des

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petrosal approach was undertaken by Elslierg in 1904 but no successes have

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of tho disease is asually ah.ait three weeks. To checlc

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and long and also to be a better shield and covering for the

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being folded and lower berths for sitting patients so that each car provided

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the absence of the very thing we are to study is a phantasy

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bv weaker acids than tubercle bacilli. They do not resist antiformin.

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sores. The temperature which has risen slowly not as in rinder

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mine had been called to a case of abortion had curetted the

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importance of frequently changing the drug and of try

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been put upon the market. Quinine is also a remedy of

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to increase the troubles of digestion and the nerve

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have lost sight of the fact that bacteria may be killed

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of the intestine. Here as elsewhere throughout the work Dr.

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