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on the outskirts of Lebanon. It is said that a case of
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ceived any attention and bat one case that of Dr. J.
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leadership of the State has been organized to act in an advisory capacity
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age is a life saving process when properly used. 2
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ounces of potassium permanganate with 20 ounces of formalin
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insufferable dislike prevails thiol may be substituted
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ably many effects now attributed to other causes are
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that any experiments with thesa insects would be a waste of time.
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become impacted in the constriction causing an acute
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portance in its proper functioning. It is important that no spur
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through the experience in a comparatively easy manner but to the great
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body without cerebral injury or compression owing to the ac
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magnetic earthy and iron bodies those substances of our globe
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tion of the cervix. If this is so rigid as to offer a
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theories almost exclusively and his practical and rational ideas being
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methods of his division. Thus until quite recently the
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inflammatinn with as much certainty as if his skull
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garding them there will be a racial and comparative psychology.
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course for several weeks gradually subsiding into an
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work in the new hospital and the Alice M. Emerson Supt.
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whereby offences under the measure may be prosecuted
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casional operator omit diagnostic ex tuberculous 25 per cent died of the
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obtained. The specific gravity of the fluid was 1005 and contained a
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large and the subject has not received the attention it deserves. The
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with the fist coma profound insensibility several hours
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be distinguished from another disease with which it is too often con
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Then again iu other areas where they have investigated
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to secure to those who are received into his asylum both male and
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ment were not sufficiently evident or admitted of being mistaken by any
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experience. of the past year had shown that the sickness
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of humanity and of common sense it is to sympathize with
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weighed theadvantages of subdivision and had therefore asked
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methods and directing the growth of a great hospital
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glands may be found so that one should not undertake an operation for
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ficial cultivation may thus result in the formation
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which give rise to abscess of the lung are as follows Acute lobar
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of the Romance languages. I can hardly claim to have offered these
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centre if done the straw will come out free from dough
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come depending largely on the height of the temperature.

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