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Between the years 1500 68 the ravages of the plague were particularlv

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Service. We welcome this new addition to scientific

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ishment or it may as seems to have been the fact in

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mate the value of resection of the knee in military

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ophthalmologjr they end fairly at the centre of some other science

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hilum aud ureter and the stone in the upper part of the

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and of these fourteen nine recovered. But though I willingly

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to scientific observation so it is impossible for me to say

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dined to attribute any beneficial effect that might

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without any assignable reason. Laceration of the cervix

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redskin s feast of grass seeds but primitive man dis

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obliteration. Later in an article in All struction is the primary cause

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carbon dioxide in the blood without a compensating increase in alkali and the

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cases were admitted into St. Thomas s Hospital suffering

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lowed and replaced by another piece. The writer notes that the

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salva s plan of frequent bleedings while patient is kept on lowest possible

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consequence of this to lay down general rules of hygiene

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membrane of its proximal uuobliterated part shares iu

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time it should help by destroying or otherwise removing

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striation to be muscle cells. This muscular connection is found especi

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all books instruments amp c. specially packed and forwarded by the

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very similar lines to that of Italy was recognized in 1864

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bodily fatigue and hardships especially exposure to cold and insufficient

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there were no twitching or convulsive movements and the urine and

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like Alley that erythematous eruptions may arise from

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to use much of such data to base or direct our treatment in

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became available. After some days cases were taken to the

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and the intestine was found in the properitoneal sac

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when the purulent discharge has ceased it may be utili

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for the future are for a general practice in the Pittsburgh area.

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case was supposed to be due to an exposure to cold after

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act abnormally and cause a catastrophe. In general aben ant

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er causes insensibility to pain first proven to the world

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that of an atmosphere in its ascent from the negative phase. Sun

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always at a distinct interval after subsidence of the primary swelling.

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edition of Rabban s Paradise of Wisdom. Rabban says

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After it has concluded throwing off branches at local places for

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and the solitary glands are often the seat of infiltration and

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RAMOND. Splenomegalie primitive epitheliome primitif de la rate pi. Arch de

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Inflamation is caused by irritating the eye. It is sometimes due to

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age we can predict with almost mathematical precision the number who

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traction no sclerosis consequently the lung was not pushed up

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use of sulphuric ether to produce anaesthesia in surgical

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do not empty themselves they may contain such foci.

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and they are equal in size. The deep reflexes in the upper extremities

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become a grand nursery of the foul disease. Every town nay

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species phthiseos oritur a ruptura seu apertione vasis sanguiferi

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nurse completing the preparation by disinfecting her from the

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and prevented the expulsion of the remaining fdstuses from the other

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