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an intense septic infection so I determined to aspirate the

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merely signifies diseased and is used in its several

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a result of the process of degeneration a band of fibres

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redescription and remounting of the specimens and tho necessary

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this Plasmodia disease continues to be rife in certain sections of

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station. a. When a post is abandoned or a detachment is broken up

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curred in conjunction with a purulent meningococcic meningitis. The entire

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tannin or the glycerate of tannic acid is valuable when we

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early failure of compensation is very great. The same is true if one

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promote the interchange of scientilic ideas and to improve

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States in point of attendance gate receipts and exhibits.

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power is barely sufficient to flex and extend joints ex

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itoneum. Adhesions are formed as in the other varieties of peritonitiJ and

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his views from Dr. Kenneth AVills who has looked up the

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burn hoards or 1..100 feet of surfaced barn boards in

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the disease is iuccssant vomiting coming on without evident cause in

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ally give rise to a well defined optic neuritis. Weisenburg and Thorington 1

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fectly u.seless appendage which cumbered the throat and which

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Wales 1904. Editor of Plautus s Captivi Mostellaria Rudens. Author of Latin

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granted admission to the union infirmary for tlieir con

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neck which gave the same clinical picture as that of an

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long been felt in India and efforts have been made

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sulphate of copper CuO 2NH3SO3HO is decomposed by the

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objections. In the first place the difference in frequency

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this hospital Professor Osier did more perhaps than any other

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worms the knowledge of the systematic characters in or

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presented two very interesting cases one in an adult Hindoo

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toms but both are good illustrations of chronic relaxation

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prominent. Petals about 5 cm long 2.5 cm wide inequilateral ly obovate

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investigation showed the shadow to be due to some old bismuth paste

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and oedema appeared under the left eye. This area corre

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lanza neli Ospedale Militare Pontificio di Eoma nel 1 8 0 e

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stab appears to have been recorded in very few cases.

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