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position to segregation has in a great measure ceased

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disease. Subnormal or collapse temperatures have a very ominous

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this time may be found one or more intermuscular ab

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operations. The cuts though evidently made from elaborate

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the province. To render this representation vital and actual each

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about eighteen months ago I was called in consultation to see a

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We cannot foresee in what way we are about to expand perhaps

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her marriage an improvement or an aggravation in the disease

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Hospital and President of the Uoyal Horticaltural Society.

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afford private medical treatment. In the course of their

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required even by the man of good abilities and reasonable

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antispasmodic. It has also been employed in febrile diseases as a

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From this point of view the first industry to demand attention is

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difficult to cure. To.xines generated by the microbes

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to 4 pints a day. It should be filtered or boiled or both.

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layers of elastic fibres lying among the cells of the growth alter

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give more than a general view of its leading features without

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of this nature that a favorite promenade leads directly across its fields.

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peculiar strawberry tongue. Such points of differenti

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of a thromboplastin which neutralizes antithrombin is still undetermined. It

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healthy. Chicken pox measles and pertussis in childhood. Several attacks

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the axilla or in the neck. Healthy strong males who have worked hard

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riorly. In this case the pressure was exerted later

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all its name is misleading. We have come to look upon

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cases only the five wards supplied with water pumped

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making rabbits epileptic and in observing the same conditions

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increase in urea and uric acid after infusion. In ad

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