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traversed. This adaptive quality is the basis of accom

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of professors from the diflferent city schools. By this means the college

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the Medical Sciences for July 1886. In this paper the writer gave

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Nests of cancer cells or signs of cellular proliferation may be sought

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gentleman saith but only that after he hath rather acknow

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annually nominates a third year African American student for recognition by

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tively. In the first of these papers Mr. Radclifte gives a summary

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traction of muscle tissue supplied by a nutrient media which

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a much later date 2 by symptomatic treatment. In the begin

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distal end of the cannula. This end was then depressed on

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He said that since operative surgery a few years ago

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the facts so notorious of the crossed action of the hemi

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ing from 100 to 102.5. A blotchy erythema is not imcommon on the

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patient to take daily as much old fashioned mixed treatment as

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Radical cure Circumcision. Slitting up of prepuce on dorsal

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before the tumor encroaches on that part of the eye which is

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in which it is oftentimes a matter of great difficulty to

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seats for carrying rugs when not in use and a leather

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cause the mother is becoming exhausted or because the child shows

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considerable expense to the injured practitioner. They

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merely after it had made considerable progress. Let us look

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The discovery of arsenic in the beer consumed by the affected

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There seems to be at this time a decided inclination to

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