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this case first the misleading history second the fact that

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healing of the wound after grafting that no scar remains as

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slimy and bloody stomatitis salivation swelling of gums

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Many cases of elephantiasis both indigenous and tropical

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to see the prompt improvement in the appetito digestion and general

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into existence and it we must thank for the creation of scientific

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the sanitary physician receives his training in how to prevent the spread of

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Porter has succeeded in obtaining the increasei but I

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from milk while even the characteristic odor and taste of urine are often

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cipitated a stringy material by addition of alcohol or dilute acetic

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able to attend and requesting the doctors to write friends in Wake County

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rate systematic anatomical description. Here he recognized

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philosopher is sorrowful instead of combative. All that is left

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temperature became normal on the forty first day. The rise

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womanhood do not allow her to exhaust her vital forces by

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and their interchaugeability. From these he is taught to

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medical practitioners practising specially the following

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Cleveland Bay. He says These are the very models of what

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has two children Uving and well. He works hard and his work is

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effects of recreation education dress and employment and the

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of acute or chronic arenchymatous nephritis. Of the large white kid

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drive away melancholy and troublesome thoughts and cares

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accidents and violence 100. There were four deaths from

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freely. At night the feet are to be wiped perfectly dry and by

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It is not uninteresting however to set forth that in

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This operation first performed by Henry Morris in 1880 has proved

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one more than usually anxious as to its effect. Ether

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as the spine of the scapula. Over the lower axillary and sub

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agglutinin at intervals of seven days or so there was no difference

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natural that surgeons should hesitate to place themselves day after

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help on the aims of justice. These laws authorize the prosecuting

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dispensary and hospital abuse and our country brethren are dis

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Physician to St. Bartholomew s I was accustomed to ask

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reexaminations for the purpose of controlling treatrrent while 309 were new cases.

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tember 23d abdomen opened by a vertical incision iVom the border of

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Nothing can be better contrived for the administering of injections

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Infantry in anuonnciug the sad news of his death to his

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made use of extracts taken from guinea pigs hearts or the human

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The new improvements additions and divisions arising out of the

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increase the number of positive results. Since the activity of the well

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the humours and increase the fames of the disease. Besides

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The.Action of Suggestion in Psychotherapy Journal of ibnormal

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Cat Rabbit Hare Guinea pig and even of Man. It will be described

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processes conduct impulses toward the cell body cellulipetal conduction

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other days usually three in all until the results agree satis

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gall bladder and its ducts. He presented statistics from

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literary world is lamenting the loss of the brilliant essayist

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Yourevitch appear to have reached identical results on all points ex

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must consider the minimum force active in production of injuries

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DwORETZKY i h i. Record July 9th. 1921 regards tuber

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which amputation seemed indicated the operation was

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to save time in relocating at the operation. A simple wooden

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Disturbances of sensibility of other kinds are not infre

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Fijians and Samoans are afflicted in childhood and which cannot

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ings hypersemia and inflammation of these organs tumors within

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organic lesion that a tentative diagnosis of hysterical coma is justified.

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connote blood poisoning from defective digestion in stomach

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In apnoea there are successively impeded respiration circulation of venous

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bitter taste. In facial paralysis patients sometimes complain

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the disease is a clear proof of its undoubted superiority. Moreover from

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Occasionally aMlema occnrs without albuminuria or signs of nejdiritis.

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follow the typical course of locomotor ataxia and others in

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At the apex a faint prsesystolic thrill and a short prsesystolic

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practice of prescribing immediately for the diseases

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Vomiting is sometimes allayed by carbonated water cracked ice and charo

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side 2 a diagram of the prescription with the same change for

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adrenalin chloride 1 1000 solution is probably the most efficient

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The Orations which are wanting in the Library to complete the series

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costly. In 1887 a Medical Faculty was restored to the University by the

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advisable under these circumstances and after reduction the patient

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terieure du ventricule lateral Cornu posterius seu j

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and Chauveau with the object of ascertaining this frequency only

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into competition with each other. Still however even with these facili

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It seems that by centrifugalizing one accentuates the difference

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the back chest and arms of two young people. Gerlach has experi

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however that some were extreme in the length of time devoted

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