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justification of an exploratory operation since if no tumor be found
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daily. Smaller doses are not sufficient and the amount should be given in
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kidney disease with especial reference to renal surgery 103
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itself. A healthy animal well cared for can withstand and fight off
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the pain is diffused and superficial and the patient may have a sensation
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abaton was a lofty and airy sleeping chamber its southern side
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On examination it was ascertained that the digestive organs and the
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analogies throughout the vegetable kingdom. Were the botanist there
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Clinical observations show that in doses of five grains its anti
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Isaacs treasurer. Dr. Herman Lerber trustee for three
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department. In 1891 Doctor Sajous went to Paris where he de
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Another species Tetramoritim guineense contained 2 1 per cent by
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realization of the physician s needs in a text book. For many years
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heat in virtue of its vasodilator property is saitl to
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scribed by the patients as very severe beginning deep in the
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xlix 495 undertook very successfully frequent recurrence after operation
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definite limit to the absorption of fat the excess of it in the
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Obliteration of any one of the three great veins of the body
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jected with recommendation of waiver naming the defects. 8 Those
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saw which a veterinary surgeon at Stromsholm Petersen had suc
relied upon with certainty. The continuance of any language rests
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The most frequent errors arise with respect to an erythematous skin
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lens are rendered convergent. After traversing the dioptric media
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rumination suppressed. Bowels had not moved during the night.
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the milk did not apparently counteract the lack of nutriment combined
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transportation department. Studies and recommendations for the location
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Staff Surgeon PETERSON Delhi 109th Regiment. There is no
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benefit even where it succeeds best. No neurotomized horse ever
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The act approved March 28 lUOl having appropriated 19 000 for
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that the nervous energy was diverted from the brain and
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to destroy spores. At such temperatures however the sugar is
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The best time for castrating colts and horses is from the middle of
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made special reference to nephritis occurring in ma
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If syphilis or malaria is suspected a.s an underlying cause potassium
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tion of the salt with nitrate of silver and treating the
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little relief. Very few people know that home quarrels and scoldings
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advertising payable to JOHN LOVELL amp SON 23 St. Nicho
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criticism of indiscriminate tonsillectomies as an attack against
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culiar coincidence to a doctor of how they all at the same time
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the delivery of coal groceries etc. and wagons were to
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Bronchial dilatation and contraction in gassing by the pulmonary irritant group of
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paralysis of the ocular muscles wh ch is occasionally
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tite etc. These come first then the physical signs crepitant rSle in
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Hospital Potrero Avenue 460 beds where the Professors of the practical chairs
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infinitely more than in the same amount of manipulation of the pelvic
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branes eansinu vomiting and purpinp in the alimentary
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sheets with carbolic acid. The repeated soaking in hot water and the use
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vinced us of the identity in value between the speech of gestures
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get the patient out of bed a bridged plaster may be applied. With
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conditions the practice of adding morphin or cocain or both
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fellow specialist and tell him what he the fellow aheady knew.
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cal man to put his affections in cold storage. Yet this
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