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high negative relationship between the quality of tubercular milk and the

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is Dr. John Ashhurst Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University

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The author has a decided gift of verse and he is to bo

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part of the men he had chosen. This action was characteristic of

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case in which the growth was removed with the largest sized

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abortion but hysterectomy finds its chief extension of

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others in its virulent toxicity refers fo the new theory of

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out of 40 cases of acquired syphilis in children recently

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puck it frequently clear to the bottom and make certain that it heals

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the Yakuts are immobile. There is also in his movements

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the thorough administration of mercury preceding salvarsan and then the

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showed no relation to the presence of albumin and casts in the

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Vomiting is sometimes allayed by carbonated water cracked ice and charo

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tries as authors assert it being extremely difficult or impossible

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urine and the amount of albumin that may pass over. In the

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consideration. Pins states that in children this posterior dulness is due

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may sliow in the interval nearly all the signs of perfect

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science can make them. The bad cases discovered are

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subcutaneous knife into the tissue at the posterior margin of

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becomes paralyzed usually has so called infantile paralysis. It may be

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movements. The vagus is the special afferent nerve of

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deposits resulting in degeneration and ulceration. Grave

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The final 107 pages are devoted to a consideration of syphilis

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remain some extremely obstinate cases which persist for

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and counterstained in LoefRer s methylene blue as in the method

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The term miliary relates merely of course to the size of the

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of the latins Rosa canina is called in englishe a swete brere or

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their duty by the attendants the guarding of government property

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the record of Karus be beaten. At the second attempt the bay

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increasing frequency of empyema. In October this com Jication Appati

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tended deep into the uterine tissue but could not be

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that one needs with this method is sometimes astonishing

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series. What is it that distinguishes the analytic curves among this

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The program of proper organization of the laboratory equipment and

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pidity of the stimulation depends upon tlie degree of heat. Thus

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etc. professor of physiology and director of the Physiologcial Lab

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are partly spindle shaped partly polygonal. The size

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investigators. The effect of the starvation factor has been abolished by the

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himself up to the compiling and writing of diuerse commentaries and

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as with that of rabbits inoculated with typhoid cul

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treatment but others are better qualified to judge on that point.

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nnicolor Cleopatra hulimoides C. cyclostomoides BulUnus dybowski

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the fulness of its vessels the morbid condition has

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The hands and arms of the operator should be thoroughly washed

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of the lower three fourths of the forearm and legs. Unlike acromegaly

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to have seen before a relapse of the symptoms with increased lividity

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der apples which with their pink tints brighten the banquet

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and trachea revealed the presence of a diphtheritic inflammation with a membrane containing

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in Hospital have been investigated by the Subcommittee and they

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driven leucomaines. Symptoms from mouldy bread brain disorder

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lethargica on the grounds that the pathological process

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corpus callosum Pierre Marie s coupe d election gives the appearance shown

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Injury to the brain during labour which is often accom

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fifty. Stated briefly four fifths of the patients who began asthma

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of adsorbent water paste as a protection against dichlorethylsulphide 675

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The coloboma of the iris was situated as usual at the lower and

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was promptly followed by the expulsion of the foetus.

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is too radical in view of the uncertain course of these cases.

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zone were practically the same whether percussion were performed with

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Diagnosis Pathology and Treatment. By William Wallace

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high temperature upon this sensitive vitamin is avoided.

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x n application by motion by an owner and occupier against three

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situ. These observers all noted that under some conditions morphine might

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Where I have not previously attended the woman in child birth

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of abstracting blood directly from the liver in cases

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dounds more to the glory of American surgery than any

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needed. The duration of the disease is materially short

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accessory but as such not to disparage or underrate its value.

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cho d and hypophysis in Squalus acanthias embryo 40 mm. total lengt

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ing a child should become neurasthenic and in the case

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sibilities yea even probabilities for we know that the whole crea

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Pinus Canadensis or corrosive Sublimate hot will be of great

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