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the point where they pass through the pia and enter the

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ment yet it must be remembered that this affection and sentiment how

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large soft and often variegated with yellow patches containing pu..

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and dampness working in the water etc. will develop the disease

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protruded and much dirt has got into the wound thorough

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Clark intimates in his review of twelve cases Lane has proven that

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COLVEND. Medical Officer for the parishes of Colvend and South

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tical. If any one compartment ceased to. function it will

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was one of our results that this percentage was a very

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where delivery has been spontaneous but prolonged and

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there is often a halo of redness around each stitch at

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of fatal causes. Pneumococcic endocarditis is frequently

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wound has healed arrangements are made for permanently draining the

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or which act chiefly by exciting slight nausea will

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intervals. The lesions which he obtained were striking and it is to be

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istration will be wise to seek counsel of the medical

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vulsions in tlie frog. The first two henomena are due to

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sickness the temperature fell to normal every other

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further found that animals poisoned by chloroform could be resus

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proper time arrives consequently the effects of the treatment are

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We have next to consider whether the histological changes in the

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The question tlie author stated was a new one in surgery and its

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THE clinical material on which the following remarks are

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head should be held up and back and the silver snuffed up.

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This volume of 800 pages is a second revision of Van Buren

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is promptly broken up by efficient doses of quinia this remedy has no

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scattered irregularly through the cord this form is very

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Dr. Luther C. Peter in closing referred to the fact

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