French-speaking elves with big asses.

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We can only account for the phenomena which especially character

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Ashurst Neurological Hospital on October 14th with the

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coloured hair was found blended with grey hairs. The ossa in

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the ovarian fluid does not contain a characteristic cell

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which is very mild and non irritating may be tried.

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not he removed with any degree of safety. Both ovaries

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Secretary of the Cape to the effect that members of

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diagnosis but at present it should be used with extreme caution. A

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that on the heart and arterial muscles in that it seems to finally

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place it may not be possible to change the dressing for

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with the chemical analysis. The patient has doubtless gastric

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Glasgow Scotland and Manchester and Liverpool and sailing

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portant Factor in the Treatment of Diseases of Women.

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adolta is not easily determine lt l but in the treat

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are usually non pathogenic but which are parasitic in human

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animal got higher and higher in the scale his activi

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Oui tamen rei facile occurri potest. Nam quae tentant viri eruditi

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pleural effusion of simple or tuberculous origin. It is of great

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salts and lime sulphur had no apparent larvicidal effect sulphuric

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may be productive of excellent results for by such means a small

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patients were sensitive to horse serum but none of these were very ill

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briefly tcuched 3 itrefts now to fpeake next of certaine o

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on its decider side prolabium side generally as near the nostril

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limits in 49 73.1 per cent patients above normal in 11 16.4 per

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Symptoms. The insects burrow down into the skin and set

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Appearances talk else Prof. H. wouldn t have asked Daniels if he would

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four hours with subnormal temperature throughout this wa

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knowledge. More care should be taken with pneumonic sputum than has

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all intra urethral operations under the guidance of the eye.

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tial notions of pathological anatomy with descriptive

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person frightened and jarred by severe accident who sub

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Davos Platz a valley ten miles long at an elevation of from

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nervous system. Valerian and valerianate of zinc recommended by

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fawn colour as the centre. It sometimes resembles the discolorations

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