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Magendie F. Precis Elementaire de Physiologie 2 tom. 8vo Paris
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latter opinion is supported by a case described by Landel in which
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pital during the months of January February and March.
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them are to watch the way in which the patient gets up
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panied with vomitings and pain along the ureters. Then the
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these experiments that large doses of plague vaccine
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hope that the Medical Council for this colony will take
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Dr. McGillivray of Pipestone the patient being placed
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But these ideas are not well founded. No investigations have been
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one of which called the pilastered femur characterized
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twelve members. Those desirous of joining should nialie early
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Taylor John Report on Mineral Veins ext. in Report of Third Meeting
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not stringing cases out as long as a patient s money
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for practical purposes there are three main varieties
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deaf and dumbness. Out of 1 000 families that contained deaf
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Landouzy and Dejerine believed muscular dystrophy to be a progressive
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been brought from Nova Scotia. He was attacked with what the attending
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amended regulations may be obtained on application to the
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indigestion for five years movable tump in right abdomen
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In the section on the Progress of Medicine. the literature
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prevalence of epi.lemics of tliphtheria and scarlet fever in
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Under the general term of spondylitis deformans are
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Breuham Texas. Charles S. Gates Lieutenant Medical Corps Texas
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cause of follicular scabies not being known when the statements were
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destructive ulceration. Lymphatics on dorsum of penis and the
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of the culture of the yellow fever germs. Ten cubic centimeters
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medical lore of the period prior to about 1830. His
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iistrjc symptoms are prominent in cirrhosis and absent in peritoniiis
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in the parathyroid or thymic lobule see Fig. 4713 or in
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