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may be touched with caustic acid nitrate of silver or persulphate of
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ing persists and threatens the life of our patient we
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perforated bottom under the chair is placed an oil or
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question which has long puzzled us as well as many others.
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At the same time the devil acquired more importance in other
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in the restoration of the normal conditions. It would
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There would seem to be some difficulty in securing suitable premises
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posterior end of the body. At its distal end are two bifurcation.s the
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tion in his annual address today emphasized in a masterful way some
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circulation and definitely to prevent such minor but
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by professors and lecturers in the leading medical colleges
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result of osmosis as in the pancreas stomach salivary
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Surgeon Major DEMPSTER has not observed any such connection.
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unless of the type of fibroma or fibrosarcoma that shells out readily
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planation is that under normal circumstances the upper motor centres
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acquainted with the medicinal use of narcotics it is a
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province of Natal shows that in very few cases had the oxidation of
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notices Koeberle s paper as giving an excellent resiuuf. but
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The regulation of medical practice relates solely to
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Ireatnieut of dogs and young animals in cases of enfeebled
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sugar percentage in the blood to such an extent as to
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stomach so that vomiting occurs and consequent harm
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aching and continuous during any effort to use muscles move
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medicine ordered previous to July 11th the date of the
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in the severity of its effect causing more fever and greater debility. In
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a clot of blood at some motor supply center or plexus. Thus we
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immediately precedes and is the cause of death in tuberculosis is
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selves offensive to all around them. This practically
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turpentine and olive oil equal parts. Keep the parts clean feed the
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And in my opinion all that is needed is fully to develop
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Congratulations Dr. Erik the first physician in the Rubinson
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brow changing it to an occipital presentation is the standard treat
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Ortliotorm has beeo used exteasively iu homau medicine for
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sixth rib. Across the centre of this incision I make
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stated that he now stutters no more and that he is busy
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reports that follow reflect the influence of race environment and
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It is found also that when a person dies by breathing the
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Wir wollcn zu der bereits in der Medizin und Malerei gegebenen
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the child had been long kept in bed with purulent conjunc
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atrophy while others remain normal or become hyper
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Sig. Paint on every night and morning. At the end of several days
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of the joints seems especially worthy of investigation.
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been accepted by the Board of Managers. Dr. Mitchell insti
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inspection depending upon the particular day s schedule. At 11
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lint or linen rag should have been previously placed under the end of
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act particularly informs me that there was no appreciable change in their
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action as well as stimulant effect upon the heart. The
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to have any particular significance. The percentage of inorganic
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of 150 000 patients treated at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Dispensary.
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continue to rise until 105 to 107 has been reached. A rise
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our North eastern States and the adjacent British Provinces.
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held. The Divisions reported 139 meetings in 1913 as
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to the subject of my colleague Professor Burton than to mine.
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sickly with Io js of weight and disappearance of glos.s from the hair.
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shrewd enough to have no failures or if he has them not
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SeetUm Of the CknUai t nai Corn thtywinQ a rmaU ddi In
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ing relative increase in nitrogen. Ordinarily th e entrance of air into
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a so called neurotic leaves the physician without what really oti t
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and regurgitation 2 mitral obstruction and regurgitation 3 mitral
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interior. In sections of the lung leucocytes are often
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headache etc. is perfectly controlled in most cases.
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reached. The outer wall of the attic the membranaand ossicles
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management now sanctions an autopsy in every case under
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boulder slipped under the symphysis when bj eli ating the
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Bell Benjamin System of Surgery 6 vols. 8vo with a Duplicate of
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cluded all the breeding places in this part of Staten
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strain which are of different opacity will give different end
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cealed beneath the skin of the abdomen or of the scrotum.