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cent. KOH and six times as long in one half per cent.

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lished in France under the control of the director of gas service.

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had been ligated in which case the disturbances in the circul

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localities house construction is of bamboo or grass. Water is

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injury noted that the man apparently recovered after a wound penetrating

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cordially support him. It is our duty to warn him that

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These disturbance.s of sensibility as ha.s been stated

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of the inspired air tlirough the inferior meatus i.e. ecchondroses

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the dissected peritoneal flaps without removing it as

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powder or scales very soluble in water of an empyreumatic odor and

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considerable difficulty id been experienced at first

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vessels is the centre and seldom go much bevond the median line toward

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sensations are but different sides of the same thing. We have a

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is true in cholera which towards its end becomes more manage

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States the physical examination of all officers and

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similar results. These experiments demonstrate that the chief avenue

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organs the maladies of infancy and similar medical affections are the

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case or in a young person a beef peg would be quite suitable.

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muscles it should be carefully fostered by gymnastic exercises to

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the urologist. I merely tried to point could believe that. Under certain

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than a week before all syinptoms of gastro intestinal

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Sore Throat Leucorrhea and other Vaginal Diseases Piles

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from Hahnemann and become Hahnemannian. The so called

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degrees of force in every individual example of both diseases.

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sive necrosis and calcification and progressive the invasion of a part

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her neck as is ordinarily done otherwise her child will hang

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true. And the educational influence of such men on the American fron

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evacuation of tho rcna ravn. As in these affcctHOS tbcre is TetKW

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is illustrated by the story in the Apocrypha in which Tobias

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than an accidental complication of some underlying condition. On the

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vated. And one matter has forced itself upon his attention

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still by a very marked diminution of toxic symptoms and a shortening of

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supported by a sling round the neck gives sufficient

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Leared nor he have adduced sufficient proofs. The weak point

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older memories into so called pseudo reminiscences or memory falsi

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typical Argyll Robertson pupil on one side only as a consequence of an

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being sharp and notched and the lower end rounded so

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occurring in New York. E. Libman New York mentioned

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not appear until the second. After its development however with the first

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same original causes and that they are only greater

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knowledge of pathological proc esse s was unequal to supplying a more

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dressing station. Thus when a man was woiuided he was

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militia in that county during the War of the Revolution. His son Exum

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sults from intestinal anastomosis of the tract above the

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elements composing the peritoneum he tells us Perhaps the most

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white lines in the pyramids and cortical substance both in the tnbnlar and

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In Sydney I proved by means of this test that it was pretty

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pneumonia in the epidemic forms at least to be second

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exploratory nephrotomy had been performed at another hospital eighteen

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taneously and had probably been caused by escape of air during coughing

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and Regulations respecting the professional education of Candidates for the Fellow

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and edged tools should be banished or used under the closest

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Take a teaspoonful in a wineglass of water reitcat if necessary in one

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tures and pressures may be nicely adjusted. In cases of chronic

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the therapeutical re education in cases of motor disturbances supervening

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conclusions given the word rubbish is to be understood to mean

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the rural schools are de leted and much talk has there been of

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case or in a young person a beef peg would be quite suitable.

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cost and fastening the spurious oyster in place with a tasteless paste. The

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should 1 imniodiatoly placed in a horizontal position alcohol or

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war has been condemnatory. It is only fair to present

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conditions which result in deafness are for the most

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with Rolfe in my conception as to what Blanco really intended to

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not been discussed at least lately. Dr. Bantock referring to the

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quent thereto. It was seen that whereas in 29 labours

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blood sucking strongyles including hookworms of dogs foxes

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illustration they record the case of a woman aged 50

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other due to an atrophic process dependent ou a primary

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ciated paralyses which have already been described under paralysis of

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otherwise or accompanied liy abnormal sounds like mucous rales or

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latter of which it liquefies and at temperatures ranging from room

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